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MAR 2017

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44 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | March 2017 Feature Human Resources and change and adjust to make sure we're reaching our employees, our market, [and] the people we want to keep engaged." But the grocery industry relies too much on the tried and true, Powers believes. "Millennials want more flexibility and balance, and an un- derstanding of their path and their options," she says. "In previous generations, it was, 'Put your head down and good things will come.' Today, we need to advertise the opportunities; the new workforce wants to be reached this way." Today, job applicants want to know that they're a fit with the company. In a word: culture. If a retailer wants to create a unique, delightful experience for its shoppers, it should start by creating one for its store associates. Regional grocery chain Raley's, based in West Sacramento, Calif., starts with its Raley's Way to attract talent with its mission, vision and values. e Raley's Way, explains Mark Foley, EVP of human resources for the Northern California grocer, strives "to give you a good picture of our purpose, and how we get talent to come to us and stay with us." e Raley's Way includes the "why": to infuse life with health and happiness; the "what": to make shop- ping easier, better and more personal; and the "how": People Power High marks for engagement in CCRRC employee study. A new study from the Coca-Cola Retail Research Council North America (CCRRC) confirms that improving employee engage- ment can make a significant, positive difference in business performance, including profits, reduced turnover, and more satisfied and loyal customers. While the study focused on the convenience channel, including 20,000 c-store employees and managers across 11 banners, Progressive Grocer believes that the findings are relevant and beneficial to the grocery channel, and that they further support previously published academic research findings on the same topic. Engaged Employees = Better Business Results According to the CCRRC report, the building blocks for greater employee engagement are as follows: Hiring for personality characteristics that predispose employees to become engaged, including stability, conscientiousness, openness, optimism and extroversion. Through leadership, building a culture that encourages and supports employee engagement provides a vision of success, sets clear expectations and fairly recognizes performance. Providing a safe and trusting atmosphere in which to work. Providing the resources that employees need to fulfill their responsibilities, including equipment, tools and informa- tion to do the job successfully. Reviewing job demands to ensure that they're clear and realistic, and that they offer challenges and ways to make meaningful contributions. Encouraging a culture of support among co-workers at all levels, and providing regular feedback. Brand cares about my well-being I have consistent opportunities to use my strengths I know what is expected of me Encouraged to find better ways to work I have opportunities to learn and develop I feel safe working at this location Equipment helps me do a great job Recognition for work Work well as a team I get the information I need to perform well I am satisfied with scheduling notice Managers' timely feedback helps me improve 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% Key Engagement Drivers 12% 11% 10% 10% 9% 9% 8% 7% 7% 6% 6% 5% Source: Coca-Cola Retail Research Council

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