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MAR 2017

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ment uses it in its finished products. Recently, the store added a variety of compound butters. Demand often outstrips supply, but production is dictated by the availability of the fresh, local cream, and labor. e process is laborious, and it takes a while to train new butter churners. e butter is made from both whey cream and sweet cream, which are pasteurized in-store before being churned and worked by hand to remove the excess buttermilk. e finished butter is sold in 1-pound packages in the dairy department and in a 12-ounce size in the Farmstead Cheese Shop. "We've been selling out almost every day," Walker notes. "It's been really a good thing." Scratch Made To help make the farm-to-table connection even clearer for customers, Harvest Market decided to create prepared food departments that make almost all of its products from scratch, from the deli to the bakery to the restaurant. e prepared food departments use the same suppliers that supply other parts of the store, so customers are buy- ing the same product no matter whether they purchase it to prepare at home or buy it already prepared in store. For example, local eggs that customers buy from the case are the same eggs that the deli, restaurant and bakery use to create their products. e Farmhouse Restaurant is a first for Niemann Foods. "Here at Farmhouse, what's unique to us is, we're from scratch," says Robert Rodrigues, Farmhouse manager. "We're able to formulate authentic dishes and collaborate with a lot of our local farms. We're able to source everything within this region and showcase quality at its best: Food Store of the Month Harvest Market, Champaign, Ill. take a load off t he f armhouse Restaurant, which features seating for about 200 both downstairs and in the mezzanine, creates an atmosphere that invites customers to sit, relax and stay awhile. "Trusted Excellence" is more than a phrase, it's the foundation of what we do. Our customers rely on us for the quality products stocked on their shelves, delivered on time and backed with expert support every step of the way. It's what we've always done…and we're not stopping now. Visit to learn more. ®/© 2017 Tyson Foods, Inc.

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