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92 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | February 2017 Fresh Food Seasonal Produce Top-of-mind Mangos While there are hundreds of mango va- rieties cultivated worldwide, and nearly a dozen varieties commercially available in the U.S. market, many consumers are unaware of the category's seasonal offer- ings and the unique attributes of each type of mango. February marks the transition from Kent mangos from Peru to Mexican Ataulfo mangos, followed by Tommy Atkins mangos from Mexico and Guatemala in March and April, explains Angela Serna of the National Mango Board (NMB), in Orlando, Fla. "As consumers become more familiar with mangos, they are willing to try different variet- ies and experiment with different flavors," says Serna. "Retailers are encouraged to offer multiple varieties, sizes and prices to present consumers with more options." For spring mango promotions, Serna recommends proper handling, big displays and consumer education. "Mangos make up more than 40 percent of tropical fruit sales, so give them plenty of space," urges Serna, who adds that front-of-store displays can be effective, as mangos are often an impulse buy for shoppers. Merchandise mangos next to seasonal spring fruit rather than other tropicals, she further suggests. In a 2015 store display test, the NMB found that merchandising mangos adjacent to stone fruit had a 45 percent net impact on mango volume and dollars, compared with that of man- gos displayed in the tropicals set. e NMB also encourages retailers to partici- pate in its annual Mango Mania Display Contest in July, which offers $10,000 in prizes and incen- tives. Details and POS kits can be found this spring at "Mangos are here to stay as vis- ibility continues to grow year after year," observes Serna. "Over the last decade, mango volume has increased over 50 percent, from 62 million boxes in 2005 to 93 million boxes in 2015." Meanwhile, weekly store vol- ume is up from 132 units per store/ per week in 2005, to 213 units per store/per week in 2015. Seasonal Specialties Spring is the season of change in the produce department, affirms Robert Schueller, director of public relations for Melissa's Produce, in Los Angeles. New citrus items such as Ojai Pixie Tangerines and early tree fruits As consumers become more familiar with mangos, they are willing to try different varieties and experiment with different flavors." —Angela Serna, National Mango Board

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