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JAN 2017

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Solving Handheld Device Management #TrueStories In today's complex, customer-driven retail environment, grocery DCs and warehouses rely on high-cost devices like handheld scanners, tablets and mobile computers to keep employees as efficient and productive as possible. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest devices, and thousands more on maintenance and repair. But when it comes to controlling those devices, they often rely on manual, high-maintenance systems. At Apex, we hear some crazy-but-true stories. Like managers who spend hours every day handing out scanners one by one, then collecting them again later. Or DCs that pay someone overtime to round up electronics before and after every shift. We've heard stories about finding mobile devices left on shelves or accidentally shipped out with orders. We've even heard of lost scanners turning up in online auctions. The High Cost of Handheld Device #TrueStories Lack of control and accountability when managing handheld devices can have an enormous impact on a DC's productivity – and profitability. • Missing scanners can lead to hundreds of hours of lost productivity each week. • DCs typically replace 15-20% of handhelds annually due to loss, damage and misuse. • Lack of accountability results in sky-high repair and replacement costs. • Managers lose valuable hours handing out scanners, tracking down lost devices, and ensuring scanners are charged for the next shift. S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T How to Get Serious About Handheld Device Management With so many DCs using automation to optimize their operations, it's not surprising that many have selected AXCESS TM Automated Locker Solutions to help them respond to increasing demand. These solutions offer 24/7 control of handheld devices and quick, self-serve check-out and check-in. The Trajectory Cloud™ platform provides a detailed view of who checked- out each device and when it's due back, and sends alerts if devices aren't returned on time. How AXCESS Solutions Eliminate #TrueStory Headaches Greater Accountability Every device is tracked to its user,so damage, theft and loss are virtually eliminated. Greater Productivity AXCESS lockers are self-serve, so employees don't have to wait in line and managers can focus on more value-added tasks. Significant Savings Your mobile devices are protected and last longer. You'll always know who has every device, and its condition when checked-out, so fewer spares are needed. See them at NRF's BIG Show, Booth #853 To get control of your handheld devices, see Apex at Booth #853 at NRF's BIG Show or visit AssetManagement. Who we are: Apex Supply Chain Technologies® is the global leader in cloud-based automated dispensing solutions designed to improve productivity, enterprise visibility and profitability so your business can compete more effectively. Products and/or services/expertise offered: AXCESS™ Automated Locker Solutions manage, track and control high-cost handheld electronic devices to reduce loss, damage and misuse. Industries served: Warehouse/Distribution Centers, Food Service, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive Aftermarket, Transportation, Fleet Maintenance Key executives: Kent Savage, Founder and CEO; Mike Wills, Senior V.P., Global Sales; Mike McGuriman, V.P. Sales, Asset Management Contact info: Visit, call 800.229.7912 or email [email protected] AXCESS™ Automated Locker Systems provide self-serve check-out and check-in, with 24/7 control and visibility. © 2016 Apex Supply Chain Technologies LLC. All rights reserved. Apex Supply Chain Technologies and its mark are registered trademarks, and Trajectory Cloud and AXCESS are trademarks of Apex Industrial Technologies LLC.

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