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December 2016 | | 93 A building automation system [BAS] allows for precisely controlled store conditions, crucial to preventing product damage and spoilage, which contributes to the sustainable operation of a store." —Greg DuChane, Trane Looking inward, Knudsen says, the Systems Manager 880 coordinates with Danfoss' broad line of controls for energy savings and food safety. "Danfoss is currently testing the CTM Multi Ejector to increase the energy efficiency of parallel trans-critical CO 2 systems to where they are more energy efficient than HFC [hydrofluorocarbon] systems in any climate," he notes, "eliminating the need for different solutions in different climates and delivering a truly sustainable solution." In Austin, Texas, Dan Kubala, director of busi- ness development for the retail and commercial systems group at Siemens' building technologies division, says that the core Site Controls system combines an on-site network appliance, instal- lation services, energy advisory services and cloud-based data analytics to reduce energy-use emissions through monitoring and/or control of key power-consuming equipment such as HVAC, lighting and refrigeration. He adds that Batavia, Ill.-based Aldi US deploys the Site Controls platform across nearly 1,500 of its stores and anticipates reducing carbon emissions by an additional 29,000 metric tons per year — the equivalent of removing 6,100 cars from the road or providing electricity for 4,000 homes. "Such investments that deliver both financial and environmental gains," Kubala observes, "are popular because they are sustainable in the truest sense of the word — they help protect the planet while aligning with the business goal of delivering profitable growth for shareholders." PG in Kennesaw, Ga., says that Emerson's ProAct Services provide retailers with re- mote monitoring services that collect data from sensors that monitor conditions like product and case temperatures. ProAct's Alarm Management monitors various factors and pro- vides alerts when a potential system issue is detected, which can help save energy and prevent food loss, he says, while Energy Moni- toring and Target- ing use meter-level data to model energy performance across an enterprise of stores. Additionally, Setpoint Management helps retailers sustain long-term energy sav- ings while ensuring that issues are actually fixed, not masked. Further, Landeche says that Emerson's Demand Re- sponse Service increases sustainability by reducing power usage at times when demand on the electric power grid is high. At Trane, in Davidson, N.C., Greg DuChane, director of retail-restaurant national accounts, notes that Trane eFlex is a high-efficiency technology used in Trane Voyager Rooftop units that provide variable-speed technology allowing for matching unit capacity to the varying load, which improves efficiency in part-load conditions. "A building automation system [BAS] like Trane Tracer Concierge allows for precisely controlled store conditions," he says, "crucial to preventing product damage and spoilage, which contributes to the sustainable operation of a store." e system can be combined with Trane Air-Fi Wireless technology, DuChane says, to create a BAS that's more feasible for small to medium building applications. DuChane also points out that Trane provides customers with a building automation and controls portfolio, as well as the Trane Building Advantage portfolio for energy services and solutions. According to James Knudsen, North America food retail segment leader at Danfoss A/S, in Cataula, Ga., the AK-SM880 System Manager, known as the "Smart Store," is designed to manage an entire supermarket system. "Looking out from this Smart Store management solution," he says, "Danfoss provides supervisory con- trols for racks, cases, lighting, and even solutions built to coordinate the HVAC system. Collectively, they are known as the Danfoss Enterprise Services." Su S - T r A ne- AB le Trane's rooftop Voyager, above, and Tracer Concierge, left, both save energy.

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