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DEC 2016

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Equipment & Design Sustainable Solutions lighting when possible and upgrading to the latest HVAC and refrigeration controllers, in combination with new cases, to reduce electric consumption. "We have been taking a serious look into energy procurement through a variety of initiatives," White says. Redner's has recently piloted two stores with Grind2energy to ship in-store organic waste to local anaerobic digestion plants that create "huge emissions savings" by using biogas to either produce energy from waste or as transport fuel. In Pittsburgh, Giant Eagle spokeswoman Jannah Jablonski says that the grocer has LED lighting in select in-store areas, paired with motion sensors, and that the majority of locations have been retro-com- missioned to ensure that systems like refrigeration, HVAC and lighting are at maximum efficiency. In Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Giant Eagle's open dairy cases have been retrofitted with doors to save energy, and across the company LED lighting has been installed in back rooms and stock areas, Jablonksi notes, adding that "we are exploring various control strategies as we pilot different LED technologies for our main sales floor. We continue to evaluate opportunities to operate as sustainably as possible, and are planning for the next iteration of retro-commissioning." James McCaffrey IV, EVP at six-store McCaf- frey's Food Markets, based in Langhorne, Pa., notes that a company-wide "building green" initiative in 2011 and 2012 resulted in the replacement of most refrigerated display cases and the installation of variable-speed, high-efficiency compressors, as well as LED case lighting. Stores built or remodeled since then have fol- lowed suit, and three stores are now 100 percent LED, with the LED lighting project at the Yardley, Pa., store netting about 9 percent electricity savings, according to McCaffrey, who says, "All of these projects were published to our customer base as part of our commitment to the environment." At Boyer's Food Markets, in Orwigsburg, Pa., co-owner and Real Estate VP John Boyer says that energy-saving projects include LED lighting and energy-efficient fans, motors and anti-sweat heaters. "Results have been great," he notes, "with most paybacks in the two-to-four-year range, with help from PPL [Electric Utilities] rebates." Boyer's newest store and its latest remodels have used all energy-efficient equipment and lighting, according to Boyer, and "the results have been tremendous on a kilowatt-per-square-foot basis. Customers are looking for social responsibility from the places where they shop and seem to appreciate our efforts in that direction." Supplier Side As for suppliers of sustainable supermarket equipment, Dean Landeche, VP of marketing for retail solutions at Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions, Continued from page 89 Customers are looking for social responsibility from the places where they shop and seem to appreciate our efforts in that direction." — John Boyer, Boyer's Food Markets in C r E a SED E n E rgy Danfoss is testing the CTM Multi Ejector to increase CO 2 systems' energy. Get Your Products Off the Floor! Over 80 Base Sizes Storage Dunnage Racks Spot Merchandisers Indoor / Outdoor Units

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