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Destratification fans also make shoppers more comfortable, allowing them to shop longer and consider new products with less grab and dash. How many times have you seen shoppers wearing jackets or sweaters to do their shopping, knowing how cold a store may be? In the summer, shoppers may be wearing shorts or t-shirts, and will reduce their shopping time simply because a store is too cold. Airius fans also keep clerks comfortable at the front of stores, where temperatures can be greatly affected by cold air infiltration at entrances and exits. This can improve worker productivity. In addition, Airius fans balance store temperatures from floor to ceiling. When temperature extremes are moderated, a building's HVAC system runs less frequently, with less starts and stops. Case studies have shown savings up to 35 percent in HVAC energy costs. PG: What are some of the features that grocers and retailers should focus on with Airius products in 2017? CA: The latest iteration of our Retail Series Narrow Aisle fan will be highly desirable because of its unique air pattern. Our Narrow Aisle fan will provide more consistent and blended temperatures down the length of an aisle as opposed to alternating warm-cold spots. Another desirable feature is the use of EC motor technology. The highly efficient motors should be well known to grocers as they are being utilized in frozen and refrigerated cases. The same great motors they've become accustomed to are now included in Airius' entire line of products, including the Retail Series. PG: Did Airius introduce any other new fan designs other than the Retail Series? CA: Airius engineers are always looking for ways to innovate the design and functionality of their destratification fan systems. In the past year, not only did Airius introduce its new Retail Series, specifically with grocers, big-box retailers and convenience stores in mind, but Airius also brought out its new Q Series fans, the quietest destratification fans yet for high-bay ceilings up to 50 feet. The Q Series can be an air movement solution in entry vestibules, grocery warehousing areas or big-box retailers with higher ceilings. Christian Avedon is the director of sales and marketing for Airius, a Longmont, Colo.-based manufacturer of destratification fan systems servicing ceiling heights of 8 to 125 feet. For information, visit Progressive Grocer: How will Airius address some of the equipment and operations issues impacting the grocery industry in 2017? Christian Avedon: As competition grows from online retailers and new delivery methods gain traction, grocers continue to zero in on new ways to grow their bottom line and refine the shopping experience. Traditional grocers are seeking ways to maximize the shopping experience with specialty departments and more organic and natural offerings. Not only are they adding new products, they are seeking solutions to increasing comfort as customers shop. Air movement and the comfort of both shoppers and employees remain a challenge as groceries try to become more "shoppable." The colder air of more frozen food and open refrigerated food cases clashes with warmer air from expanded bakeries, delis and food court/dining areas for customers. Airius specifically designed its new Retail Series of air destratification fans to meet both the comfort and air circulation challenges grocers are facing. The Retail Series, housed in a cylindrical design for a consistent, modern look throughout a store, offers two different nozzle options. With a Narrow Aisle nozzle, air is directed in an elongated pattern to circulate air down the length of an aisle without disrupting frozen or refrigerated cases. Adding to the bottom line, many grocers are exploring the option of using more destratification fans in place of branch ductwork to assist with air distribution and reduce the associated upfront material cost. Forward thinking strategies such as this will keep traditional grocers competitive into the future. PG: What are some of the specific ways that Airius destratification fans improve grocery operations and the bottom line? CA: Proper air circulation and understanding air patterns, for example, can help grocers prevent fogging on freezer doors, improving frozen food sales. S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T Speaking with... Christian Avedon Director of Sales and Marketing, AIRIUS Q A & New Airius Retail Series destratification fans meet grocers' challenges of air circulation, shopper comfort The new Airius Retail Series destratification fan offers two nozzle options. The Narrow Aisle nozzle, shown in photo, will circulate air down grocery aisles without disrupting frozen or refrigerated cases. 90 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | December 2016

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