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DEC 2016

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84 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Nex | December 2016 Nonfoods Cleaning Supplies combination sale, consumers ar 80 percent more likely to mak that brush purchase," says Silv man. "When we can tie a highly consumable product to a highe ring, higher-margin product an increase that basket purchase, th retailer wins." Lakeland, Fla.-base Publix, he adds, takes a highl promotional approach to sponges frequently running promotions tha tie product to dishwashing liquid Dave Lynam, HBC buyer at Plainwell, Mich based Harding's Market-West, says that he'd be terested in cross-promoting Dawn and Gain license brushes and sponges with liquid cleaning produc "Household cleaning tools are a good, solid everyd category, and we do have good consumer acceptan when we cross-merchandise," he affirms. While convenience is a key driver in th category, price is still a factor and promotion i big consideration. A recent report from Schau burg, Ill.-based Nielsen reveals that half of glob consumers choose where to shop for househol cleaning supplies based on price "Promotions are very effective," agree Cade. "Any time we do a coupon valued 5 cents or above, such as a $1 off when you buy two, it's successful. We try to keep ou promotions very specific and targeted Tops Markets LLC promotes heav ily in the category, with two-for-$5 and two-for-$9 deals common in the household cleaner aisle. e Williams- ville, N.Y.-based chain also feature deals on floor stands in the aisles and recently promoted Clorox Clean Up Libman brushes and Soft Scrub cleaning gloves o separate floor stands in the aisle Big Time Products, meanwhile, is using dum bins, wing displays and clip strips to generate i pulse purchases of its cleaning gloves. "We can boo incremental sales tenfold over normal shelf moveme when we use well-located displays built around co items, such as detergents, dish soaps and househo chemicals," says Tim Stapleton, president of U.S. sal e Rome, Ga.-based company recently up- graded its Soft Scrub Premium Fit with UltraFre and its Premium Defense lines with a new color, fi and packaging. PG With shelf spacing being so limited, we've found that off-the-shelf displays let retailers bring new products into a crowded section." —Jennifer Rappaport, Falcon Safety Products /BIGTIMEPRODUCTS 877.929.7837 WWW.BIGTIMEPRODUCTS.NET ULTRA-FRESH ANTIMICROBIALS HELP TO KEEP PRODUCTS FRESH, CLEAN AND ODOR FREE BY CONTROLLING UNWANTED MICROBES. Every year, the average person gets two to four colds. If you have children, they can get up to ten colds a year (CDC). If you want to battle the germs of the common cold or any other virus, try a Soft Scrub ® product today! We have antimicrobial gloves for every cleaning task you may have. Soft Scrub ® is the number one brand in household cleaning and hand protection. It is commonly known that hands are the main culprit for spreading germs. That is why Soft Scrub ® is the product for you to eliminate those pesky germs! Our brand strives to provide maximum clean, surface safety, be tough yet gentle, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Our gloves are treated with Ultra-Fresh ™* antimicrobials to help keep products fresh, hygienic, and odor free. Also, they are formulated to provide excellent durability. One of our best recommendations is the new Premium Fit Soft Scrub ® glove. This glove is designed to be more durable and tough than a typical reusable latex glove and has an embossed grip for maximum gripping power. They are also reusable! Next time you are cleaning the house, think of Soft Scrub ® Premium Fit for all of your cleaning needs. We promise to deliver a product that will satisfy you and your families' standards for keeping you safe (and hopefully keep more colds out of your house). Your family will thank you! *Ultra-Fvresh is a trademark of Thomas Research Associates, Inc. BATHROOM HOUSEHOLD KITCHEN STOP THE SPREAD OF GERMS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD! PREMIUM FIT GLOVES ARE TOUGHER AND THICKER THAN TYPICAL REUSABLE LATEX GLOVES. EMBOSSED GRIP FOR MAXIMUM GRIPPING POWER ULTRA-FRESH PREVENTS STAINS AND ODORS THAT CAN BE CAUSED BY FUNGI AND BACTERIA SLIM CUFF FITS SNUGLY TO WRIST AND ARM ADVERTORIAL

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