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54 | Progressive Grocer | 2017 Category Management Handbook | December 2016 I It's party time! ese words can mean many things to many people, but for hosts, it most certainly means several trips to the grocery store. Today's time- crunched party planners need more help than ever cutting those shopping trips down in num- ber and time, which creates a clear opportunity for grocery stores to be more than just places to grab the chips and dips. e modern grocer needs to be a multicategory entertaining concierge. A recent study, "Total Store Connectivity: En- tertaining Across the Store," commissioned by the Madison, Wis.-based International Dairy-Deli- Bakery Association (IDDBA) and conducted by Nielsen Perishables Group, in Schaumburg, Ill., recognizes the immense opportunity in moving grocery stores to a service-oriented, connected- store model that makes party preparation — and all shopping — as easy as possible, whether the occasion is a formal dinner party or a casual affair. e study finds that helping shoppers easily connect all parts of the store takes some refram- ing among category managers, who need to step outside their sections and think as full-store shop- pers who see a store as "an ecosystem of products across the entire store that serve a purpose or fulfill a need," especially when the purpose is entertaining. Need States A-list Events Cross-category connectivity reveals ideas for party solutions to turn shoppers into happy hosts. BY K ATHY HAYDEN

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