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Progressive Grocer: What are the new trends in dressings? Ashley ocak: Ranch and blue cheese have traditionally been consumer favorites in the refrigerated salad dressing category (RSD). However, ranch and blue cheese RSD flavors started to plateau in dollar sales, indicating consumers were looking for new and different flavors. According to IRI point- of-sale data, flavored ranches are one of the fastest growing flavors segments within RSD, up 25% in dollar sales compared to a year ago. To further understand consumers' appetite for new flavors, Litehouse conducted an online, quantitative survey of potential emerging flavors. One of the top flavors according to purchase intent was avocados! 52% of consumers indicated they were very likely to purchase a dressing with avocados as the key ingredient flavor. Consumer interest in avocado dressing wasn't completely surprising, considering 64% of American households buy avocados annually and avocados are one of the fastest growing fresh fruit categories in the produce section. There is no denying avocados are the new trend in refrigerated dressings: within the last 12 months, the avocado dressing assortment has doubled from 3 to 7! Within the RSD category, more than a quarter of growth can be attributed to these avocado items. PG: What is Litehouse doing to meet the growing demand for avocado dressing? What items does your company offer that meet the growing demand for avocado dressing? : Based on our research, Litehouse combined the interest in avocados with the growing flavored ranch segment. Litehouse has launched two items targeting consumers seeking avocados: Litehouse Avocado Ranch with Bacon dressing and OPA by Litehouse Avocado Cilantro dressing. In a recent, independent S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T Speaking with... Ashley Kocak Manager, Market Research, LiTehouse sensory study, Litehouse Avocado Ranch with Bacon was crowned the best tasting product among top competition. Our OPA by Litehouse Avocado Cilantro dressing also measured as a top-scoring, best-tasting product. Nearly three quarters of consumers indicated an interest in the cilantro avocado dressing concept during the sensory study. PG: How can retailers optimize avocado dressing's sales? : Salad dressing isn't limited to just lettuce. Based on an independent consumer insights study, more than half of consumers (52%) indicate using salad dressing as a dip. Consumers reported dipping vegetables, wings, pizza, chips, crackers and bread. Stores can incorporate secondary displays to create an easy one-stop shop for the consumer to grab everything they need for their party, resulting in a higher basket value for the retailer. And now is a great time to embrace salad dressings as dips, since we are heading into the holiday and entertaining season. Q A &

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