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14 | Progressive Grocer | 2017 Category Management Handbook | December 2016 CatMan 2.0 But it takes commitment, change management and a departure from the old ways of doing things to be successful. Visibility into everything con- sumers are interacting with is where it all begins. Loyalty is Hard to Come By, But Worth It Fifty-four percent of shoppers say they spend more with retailers in whose loyalty programs they partici- pate. With that said, keeping shoppers loyal if they're offered a compelling offer is challenging. Consistently over the past four years that we have conducted the Shopper Insight Series, shoppers have indicated that they would switch stores and brands at a rate of more than 70 percent when presented with lower prices. Incentivizing return trips through loyalty programs helps, but ultimately price is still the largest driver when it comes to winning the shopper. Technology is a Bigger Part of the Process It's no secret that shifts in behavior are happening — the question is, at what rate? e answer is, it depends. Adoption of new tech- nology is definitely happening more readily among the younger demographics. As shown in the chart at left, 21-to-29-year-olds plan to change their grocery shop- ping habits based on new technology such as mobile apps, order online/pick up in store, and digital offers. What does that mean for brands and retailers? It's necessary to cater to all demographics in your promotion and advertising efforts if you want to drive sales. e younger groups are also making more frequent trips and have a higher propensity to interact online. e demographics at the other end of the With new technology available to help you shop for groceries (such as mobile apps, order online/pick up in store, digital offers) do you plan to alter your grocery shopping habits in the future? 21-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60 and over 31% 30% 20% 10% 0% 27% 22% 14% 6% Continued from page 11 Continued on page 18 Source: Market Track Preventing retail shrink is important to your business and ours. Marking down or throwing out items is not only wasteful, it equates to lost money. But concerns about shelf life don't have to be an issue. Sealed Air's Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray vacuum packaging more than doubles the shelf life of meat, poultry and sea- food* – reducing retail shrink by more than 50% to preserve your bottom line. e innovative packaging allows food to stay fresh for longer with up to 15 days of dark storage and 5-8 days in the retail case. Appealing to Retailers and Consumers Not only does Darfresh on Tray bolster your bottom line, it also meets consumer demand, offering: • Visual appeal – stands out in the case with a tight vacuum fit that seals in freshness and a top web surrounding the protein like a second skin, resulting in a natural, fresh color and unobstructed view of the product • More convenience – easy to open with a variety of tray sizes enabling individually-packed portions • Leak-proof seal – juices are locked in to prevent unhygienic leaks • Freezer-ready – product stays fresh in the freezer with no need for repackaging • More sustainable – recyclable tray is attractive to consumers See how extended shelf life can help protect and grow your business at *compared to typical mother bag packaging See "Shelf Life" Go From an Issue to an Asset A D V E R T O R I A L

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