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Progressive Grocer: Snacking has become almost a daypart in itself, with incidence of snacking on the rise across demographic groups and industry segments. As a leader in the meat snacks category, Jack Link's clearly has a finger on the pulse of today's food and beverage trends. What trends are you seeing as we move into 2017 that are driving sales of meat snacks products? Jason Potter: There are a number of broader marketplace trends that continue to drive sales of meat snacks products. First, the number of snacking occasions continues to increase as consumers eat fewer, smaller meals throughout the day. Recent trends highlight that 46% of consumers now snack 3+ times/ day or up +5.0 points in 2015 1 . Satiating snacks such as those found in the meat snack category provide a filling, healthy option. Second, the portability and convenience of meat snacks are crucial as consumers are eating 73% of their snacks out-of-home and on- the-go 2 . Finally, consumers are looking for protein in a variety of sources throughout the day and 50% of these consumers select animal protein as the best source 3 . The meat snack category continues to change in order to meet those evolving needs. 1 IRI "How America Eats: 2016 State of the Snack Food Industry", April 2016. 2 Kantar Retail Macro Snacking Trends 2015. 3 Mintel: The Snacking Occasion Feb 2014. PG: Data shows that consumers today want snacks with innovative flavor profiles, higher protein content, and an overall "healthier" profile. How is Jack Link's answering consumers' call for these features? JP: Jack Link's continues to evolve its product portfolio with flavor varieties that meet a wide range of tastes, from traditional favorites such as Original, Teriyaki and Peppered to cutting-edge flavors like Korean BBQ Pork. Jack Link's jerky is naturally high in protein and low in carbs and fat, so it appeals to those consumers who value these benefits. There is clearly a trend toward responsibly raised meat sources, and in Spring S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T Speaking with... Jason Potter Director of Category Management and Business Insights, JACK LINK'S 2016 Jack Link's launched a line of protein snacks called Lorissa's Kitchen to address the needs of those consumers. PG: Why is it important for grocery retailers to add a wide variety of meat snacks to their snack aisle? JP: Total snacking is expected to grow $35 billion over the next 5 years. A large portion of that dollar growth, 84%, is expected to come from "Core Snacking." Meat Snacks is one of the key growth segments and is expected to outperform "Core Snacking" by +9.0 points through 2020 4 . To capture a portion of this growth, grocery retailers need to have the right variety and brands. Consumers desire more variety — 35% of shoppers buy more than one flavor of meat snack and 27% of Heavy Shoppers would leave the current store to find the meat snack they want to purchase 5 . The opportunity exists to drive frequency by offering a broader assortment of flavors, textures, sizes and types at shelf with "core brands." 4 IRI "How America Eats: 2016 State of the Snack Food Industry", April 6, 2016; Mintel; CSPNET; US Census Bureau 5 2015 Jack Link's Path to Purchase study PG: What assistance does Jack Link's offer retailers who want to create excitement in-store for the meat snacks category? JP: Jack Link's has the tools and people to bring retailers the right level of insights and business solutions to win in the world of protein snacks. The organization has the following resources/teams to help deliver sustainable category growth: Category Management and Insights, Consumer Insights and Shopper Marketing. These groups have invested in developing relevant insights to inform merchandising strategies, creating a robust consumer segmentation model and partnering with insight solution providers to develop strategies and solutions to win in meat snacks. Jack Link's Category Management and Insights team has been recognized by Progressive Grocer as Meat Snacks Category Captains of the Year in 2015 and 2016. Q A &

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