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DEC 2016

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December 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 21 don't currently have self-checkouts, but have had them in the past. (See Figure 12.) Methodology is study was conducted by Car- bonview during August. Only senior executives from national, regional and independent grocers were invited to participate. A total of 134 gro- cers were polled. Of these, 80 were chains and 54 independents. Conclusions It's clear from study findings that a digital transformation is well under- way in grocery, and it's accelerating. Key takeaways from the study indicate widespread adoption of digital market- ing, especially in the areas of websites, email and social media communication. is development is having a major impact on sales, not just digital and mobile sales, but store sales as well. Even more importantly, grocers believe that in two years, the impact of digital marketing in every aspect of business performance will be profound. Two areas where grocers lead other FIGURE 12 Does your company offer self-checkout? Total Independent Yes 33% 39% No, do not currently offer it but have in the past 36 16 No, and never offered it 31 45 FIGURE 13 Do you offer self-shopping (scan and bag)? Total Independent Yes, using a store-supplied device 55% 44% Yes, using a mobile POS through an app on the shopper's own device 22 36 No 39 52 FIGURE 14 Number of stores 1 11% 2-10 13 11-50 22 51-200 21 201-500 10 501+ 22 retail segments are the use of loyalty programs and digital coupons. Both are having a major impact on business performance today, and the impact is expected to grow in the near future. Despite jumping on the band- wagon for such omnichannel services, grocers have fallen somewhat behind in one key area — mobile commerce. Not many sales are lost today due to the grocery segment's weak embrace of mobile technologies, but this will change in the future as the mobile-first Millennials flex their muscles and exert a dominant influence. Looked at individually, the om- nichannel technologies and services analyzed in this report each represent a small piece of a grocer's overall busi- ness. Taken together as an overarching strategy referred to as digital trans- formation, however, they represent a lifeline for survival and a pathway to future success. PGI Technology 2016 Survey Totals exceed 100% because more than option can be offered.

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