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DEC 2016

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December 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 19 and influence, so mobile apps will be implemented much more widely by grocers. (See Figure 7.) • In-store digital signage is a relatively mature technology com- pared with mobile commerce, but it's still not universally deployed. A little less than two-fifths (39 percent) of all grocers currently use it, but here's another place where independents have a stronger presence than their larger counterparts, with nearly half (47 percent) using digital signage in the store. (Figure 8.) • A majority of retailers offer online shopping, with 68 percent of the total industry and 59 percent of independents offering the service. (See Figure 9.) For those indies that don't currently offer e-commerce, 19 percent plan to add it within the next year and 38 percent plan to offer it two years from now. But what's more prevalent among grocers, click-and- collect or home delivery? e answer FIGURE 9 Do you offer online shopping? Total Independent Yes 68% 59% No 33 41 FIGURE 11 Do you offer mobile payments (i.e., NFC)? Total Independent Yes 51% 47% No, but plan to offer in next two years 28 28 No, and have no plans to offer it 21 26 is home delivery, which is offered by 86 percent of all grocers and 93 per- cent of independents. Click-and-col- lect is offered by a sizable 65 percent of the total industry and 70 percent of independents. (See Figure 10.) • A majority — although barely, at 51 percent — of all grocers of- fer mobile payment options today, i.e., NFC. For independents, that number falls below half, with 47 percent offering some form of mobile payment. (See Figure 11.) • A third (33 percent of total market, 39 percent of independents) offer self-checkout, which, like digital signage, is a relatively mature technology. Interestingly, slightly more retailers (36 percent of total industry) don't offer self-checkout today, but have offered it in the past. Independents either haven't tried the technology in the past or remained committed to it once it was installed, as only 16 percent indicate that they FIGURE 8 Do you use in-store digital signage? Total Independent Yes 39% 47% No 61 53 FIGURE 10 Services offered for online shopping Total Independent Click-and-collect 65% 70% Home delivery 86 93 branded native mobile app today; independents are a bit behind, with only 42 percent. As the mobile-first generation, Millennial shoppers continue to grow in numbers, income

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