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Check Out Check Out 34 | Progressive Grocer Independent | October 2016 O ne result of the 2016 De- partment Managers Survey, produced by Food Marketing Institute, e Retail Feedback Group and Harold Lloyd Presents, was the First Annual Professional Deli/Bakery Manager Leadership Forum, held in August, hosted by Harold Lloyd. e two-day semi- nar brought together more than 30 department managers from 20-plus stores from across the country to discuss some of the common stressors of their positions and ways to help ameliorate them. One of the biggest pain points across the board was training, or the lack thereof. Department managers expressed a desire for more training for themselves, espe- cially if they were new to a position. e desired training extended from how to properly interact with staff and manage staff dynamics; to how to understand the depart- ment financials, and what exactly their goal numbers mean; to how to work out the schedules for the team to ensure the department was properly staffed at all times. e department managers also expressed a need for more formalized training processes and more time for training of new members on their teams. Lloyd gave tips on how department managers could become more effective in their positions. For example, during department meetings, which should last at least an hour, department managers should spend 25 percent of the time looking back at what happened and three- quarters of the time looking forward to what goals need to be accomplished. "You're not going to get ahead by talking about behind," Lloyd noted. Department managers also wondered how much time they should be devoting to each segment of their posi- tion. Lloyd broke it down: Average-size store/bakery/deli 20% Providing leadership to team 30% Management tasks 50% Working the department as a team member Large store with high-volume bakery/deli 30% Providing leadership to team 40% Management tasks 30% Working the department as a team member Department managers who manage both the bakery and deli 40% Providing leadership to team 50% Management tasks 10% Working the departments as a team member Lloyd also suggested always starting the day with a to-do list and assigning team members to the tasks, along with the amount of time that it should take to complete the task. A to-do list can also help increase communication among team members and the depart- ment manager. PGI Department Managers Share Job Challenges, Rewards

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