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October 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 21 greenhouses can provide. Most of McCaffrey's produce comes from California, like many supermarkets in the United States, which in McCaf- frey's case, means that the product travels nearly 3,000 miles. "When you think about that carbon footprint of the fuel that isn't being burned, the fuel that's being saved, that's part of it," Mirack notes. e water savings were another big plus. Although hydroponic means "grown in water" (or other liquid), a recent visit to California really brought the water problem home for Mirack. "We know that we're going to have a water problem," he adds. "We know we have to feed millions of people, so I think greenhouses are a reliable source. We can grow so much more food in a smaller area than traditional farming." However, Mirack did have reserva- tions about the quality of the produce, not all of which have been resolved, such as the lettuce's heartiness, or lack thereof. He preferred the products that were grown in dirt and had to have fought the elements, but the greenhouse that McCaffrey's uses made some modi- fications to improve the product. In the case of tomatoes, stress causes the plant to create sugar, which makes for a sweeter fruit. e greenhouse has found a way to recreate that natural stress and improve the eating quality of the final product. Eating Quality e eating quality of hydroponic produce is a common complaint, Lightfoot acknowledges. "It's a real perception, but it's not caused by hydroponic production," he adds. Source: Progressive Grocer 2016 Produce Survey Top Independent Produce Concerns 2016 Ranking 2015 Ranking Concern 1 2 Profits 2 1 Quality of Product 3 3 Price Perception of Fresh Produce 4 7 How to Increase Consumption 5 5 Labor/Recruitment Costs Good Onions Great Cause Consumers Choose Our Charity! Consumers Choose Our Charity! Our pink Breast Cancer Awareness packs tie into the national campaign nicely, and as an added value we offer consumers special cancer-fi ghting and longevity recipes by cookbook author, Rebecca Katz, healthful living tips and a free gift. By voting online at, consumers will help us pick the breast-cancer charity that will receive this year's donation. Call our sales team for more information Jessica Peri 775-463-6326 Cindy Elrod 775-463-6318 Mindy VanVleck 775-463-6313 Monique Blajos 775-463-6325

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