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Business 18 | Progressive Grocer Independent | October 2016 Department Managers 5 Form a task force or a simple focus group of 12 store manag- ers to brainstorm pos- sible recommendations to improve work/home life balance. ere has to be a coterie of partial solutions from which to choose. Let department managers help solve this vexing dilemma. 6 Audit several department manager meetings in various stores. Assess what's transpiring. Are the meetings truly meetings, or mind-numbing lectures? Do the department managers seem engaged? Take 15 minutes at the end to survey their feelings about one or two of the survey findings. 7 Pre-plan job promo- tions of department managers. Have their new business cards made in advance. Celebrate promo- tions and years of service more sincerely and robustly. is will elevate the status of depart- ment managers in your organization. 8 Commit (or recommit) to con- ducting thorough performance evaluations with meaningful goals established in each to methodically assist in professional development. 9 Before top management orders hours to be cut in any depart- ment, they should be willing to work one shift on a busy day in that department to determine whether the cutback is truly warranted. 10 For those satisfied with the overall "Strongly Agree" and "Agree" scores, begin to focus on increasing "Strongly Agree" scores. Department managers are key resources in a successful operation, and it's time that upper management began treating them as such and taking their concerns and viewpoints seriously. After all, where would the store be without them? PGI Perceived fair pay and self-respect go hand in hand. Customer Skills Time Management Controlling Expenses Generating Sales Computers and Techonolgy Financial Numbers Self Assessment Comparison How knowledgeable and skilled do you feel about... 0% 88% 12% 1% 74% 25% 1% 67% 31% 1% 59% 39% 4% 57% 39% 51% 42% 7% Not Very Skilled Somewhat Skilled Very Skilled Source: 2016 Supermarket Department Manager Survey Work-Life Balance Employees Held Accountable Fair Compensation Adequate Training Hours Department Labor Hours Red Flags: Lowest Rated Items Disagree Strongly/Disagree Agree Strongly Agree 23% 53% 24% 23% 54% 24% 29% 50% 21% 38% 47% 15% 46% 41% 13% Source: 2016 Supermarket Department Manager Survey

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