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Department Managers Business 16 | Progressive Grocer Independent | October 2016 How Department Managers Feel About Their Jobs Bottom Top Quartile Quartile Love My Job 33.1% 61% Job Personally Rewarding 29.6 53.1 Job is Secure 23.0 59.6 Good companies want to become better, and the great companies want to become greater. Source: 2016 Supermarket Department Manager Survey from 63 companies participated. Respon- dents hailed from all departments, including perimeter fresh food, grocery and front end. Segment responses illuminated variations among departments and by education, gender, and years of service. Question categories were "my job," respect/job balance, communication/teamwork, store standards, training and develop- ment, education/promotion, recogni- tion, company culture, and job knowl- edge/skills. Top Findings 1 Department Managers Love the Job Nine in 10 department managers agree that they "love their job," with half of those in "Strong Agreement." New managers (less than one year) are the most likely to love their jobs, while meat managers are least likely. 2 Lack of Balance Similar to results of the 2014 survey of store managers, fewer than a quarter of department managers "Strongly Agree" that they have a healthy balance between their work and home life. As more Millennials take on managerial positions, this finding is even more relevant and alarming. 3 It's All About Time According to de- partment managers, "not having enough time" is one of their major challenges in performing their jobs effectively, and as a result, the customer suffers. In the lowest- rated survey item, nearly half of department managers disagree that "our department receives enough labor hours to effectively complete our work and serve the customers." e fresh departments, led by bakery and meat, disagree the most. 4 Give New Employees a Chance Regarding the second-weakest survey item, 38 percent of depart- ment manager respondents disagree that "the hours allocated to train new employees in my department are adequate." Nearly half of the bakery and meat managers believe that more training is needed for their new hires. 5 e Meat of the Issue … Meat managers consistently gave the lowest survey ratings. Items with considerably more disagreement among these respondents include feeling respected, healthy work/life balance, taking earned time off, and sincere recognition. With meat departments a major competitive point of difference, this finding is crucial. It's imperative that meat managers are fully engaged in this strategically vital department. 6 e More, the (Not So) Merrier Newer department managers (less than one year) gave higher ratings than more experienced respondents. However, "Agree" scores decrease sig- nificantly for respondents who've been on the job more than a year, including loving the job, finding it rewarding, fair/constructive criticism and feeling highly respected in the company. Solutions to this revelation may help to reduce the incredibly disrup- tive and costly effects of department manager turnover. 7 Safe and Clean for Sure Some 96 percent of depart- ment managers say that they "Agree" or "Strongly Agree" that their store meets all safety and sanitation standards. is is a strong, reassuring finding, consid- ering that this is a strictly anony- mous survey. 8 Money is a Motivator Quite possibly, no one is ever satisfied with their salary, but 23 percent of department managers say they "Strongly Disagree" that they're fairly compensated, a high- er percentage than store managers in 2014. is number is too high to ignore, as perceived fair pay and self-respect go hand in hand. Addressing the Gaps e percentage gap between the top quartile (TQ ) and the bottom quartile (BQ ) companies is dra- matic: ere's a difference of more than 30 percentage points between the companies in the BQ and those in the TQ regarding the following "Strongly Agree" statements: "I am not made to feel guilty when taking earned time off." BQ 26.0% TQ 58.2% "I work well with the store manager." BQ 41.0% TQ 71.4% "My last performance review was constructive." BQ 10.8% TQ 50.5% "Our store recognizes and celebrates achievements." BQ 9.9% TQ 46.3% "is company recognizes years of service." BQ 13.5% TQ 60.7%

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