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98 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 2016 Editors' Picks NONFOOD Hero c lean All Purpose s pray c leaner, o dor Eliminating s pray, Ultra Laundry d etergent and Ultra Liquid d ish s oap $4.29 (All Purpose Spray Cleaner); $4.99 (Odor Eliminating Spray); $11.79 (Ultra Laundry Detergent); and $3.99 (Ultra Liquid Dish Soap) A suite of juniper-scented cleaning products expressly "Built for Men"? PG was dubious to begin with, but there's definitely a consumer base for such multiuse items. The All Purpose Spray Cleaner handles both tough jobs and everyday cleaning and deodorizing of most household hard surfaces. Featuring the brand's proprietary Extended Fragrance Technology, the Odor Eliminating Spray is designed to make home, clothes, gear and cars smell great, and users are encouraged to rub sprayed areas to reactivate the scent for days, or even sometimes weeks, afterward. The Ultra Laundry Detergent boasts a naturally derived cleaning formula that specifically targets deeply set-in stains. Formulated to be tough on grease and dried- on food, but not on skin or the planet, the plant-based Ultra Liquid Dish Soap can also be used for mopping, washing cars or even handwashing. CALL 816 813 3337 | WWW.FORTEPRODUCTS.COM 48"W X 22"D X 12"H 36"W X 22"D X 12"H 18"W X 22"D X 12"H MORE SIZES & COLORS AVAILABLE

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