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NONFOOD e're used to seeing, and often experiencing, great new prod- ucts at Progressive Grocer. e entries we received for consid- eration as 2016 Nonfood Edi- tors' Picks, however, revealed some truly inventive items that retailers should definitely spotlight in stores. at is to say, the best entries didn't just exemplify current trends, they also expanded on them. Among these products was the Kitchen Garden Kit from Botanical Interests, which takes consumers' desire to know where their food comes from to the next logical level, enabling them to grow greens at home. Another example is how Burt's Bees, of natural lip balm fame, is responding to shopper demand for additional natural products — and not just of the edible variety — by ex- panding full-on into the beauty segment with a collection This year's winners not only responded to current trends, but also anticipated how they would progress. By Bridget Goldschmidt of clinically tested products that enhance skin and lips, without harsh chemicals. And Hero Clean hit a winner out of the park by focusing on men's cleaning needs and adding its own natural twist. Pet Projects e ongoing treatment of domestic animals just like human members of the family has been addressed this time around by providing dogs with their own premium, whole-ingredient meals, courtesy of Rachael Ray Nutrish, and purpose-designed toys from Hyper Pet that enable pooch parents to save their tennis balls for actual matches. Both of these entries offer new ways for consumers to pamper their pets without breaking the bank. What will the future bring for supermarkets' nonfood sections? Our current collection of Nonfood Editors' Picks indicates that the spirit of innovation is alive and well among manufacturers, so retailers should expect more of the same — that is, objects that put their own, unexpected spin on a demonstrable consumer need. 88 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 Leaders of T he Pack e a

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