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82 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 2016 Editors' Picks Food t hink t hin Protein s moothie Mixes $9.99 This innovative home mix combines the three building blocks for a smoothie: real fruit, a protein boost and mix-ins. Each pre-portioned package delivers 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, real fruit pieces and 160 milligrams of omega-3 ALAs from chia seeds and ground flaxseed, all of which are blended with almond milk and ice. Our team taster particularly enjoyed the Peanut Butter Banana variety. The directions are easy to follow and suggest alternative liquids to almond milk. Additionally, the 6-ounce fill line on the package takes the guesswork out of making a full cup exactly. s nickers c risper 99 cents-$3.99 Altering a beloved product is always a risk, but Mars wins with Snickers Crisper. The iconic candy bar gets a crunchy boost of crispy rice, satisfying the growing market demand for new textures in the candy category, and enhancing the peanuts, caramel and milk chocolate. Also, Snickers Crisper comes in a format that promotes sensible indulgence: Single packs feature two 100-calorie pieces, allowing consumers (with willpower) to save one for later. The item also comes in a "4 to Go" pack and bags of "fun-size" bars. t he s pice Lab o live o il Herb Blend - s picy i talian r oasted Garlic $4.95 This will be the new "everything" seasoning, a perfect way to spice up everything from bread and pizza to more complex sauces and marinades. Crushed red pepper, garlic, oregano, sea salt and spices are packaged in a refillable grinder bottle for even fresher taste and aroma. s tonyfield Plain o rganic Whole Milk 100% Grassfed Yogurt $1.69/6-ounce cup; $4.99/32-ounce tub Grass-fed beef is growing in popularity, and coming up behind it is milk from grass-fed cows, which has been shown to have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional milk. CLA is a fatty acid linked to protection from colorectal and breast cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. Stonyfield leveraged those benefits to create its latest product, Organic Whole Milk 100% Grassfed Yogurt. Shown to promote satiety better than lower-fat products, the full-fat yogurt teems with vitamins and nutrients. It also comes plain, allowing plenty of opportunities for flavor personalization. s weetLeaf Liquid s tevia c aramel s weet d rops $3.99/50-milliliter bottle Americans' love affair with sweet products is as strong as ever, even as they look for healthier alternatives to satisfy their cravings. Just a drop or two of this caramel-flavored natural stevia sweetener can liven up a variety of products made at home, or it can be added it to beverages like coffee or smoothies for an extra hit of sweetness without any extra calories or unpleasant aftertaste. One small bottle provides 50 servings of sweetness, and with only five ingredients, the better-for-you sugar alternative provides a flavorful zero-calorie experience.

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