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58 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 2016 Editors' Picks Food Good Health Mickey s haped Veggie c hips $3.99 Good Health, maker of Veggie Stix, has launched kid- and mom-friendly Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips, featuring the iconic shape of Mickey Mouse's head in yellow, red-orange and green chips. While potatoes dominate the ingredient list, a variety of other vegetables provide color and nutrition, including dehydrated tomatoes, green pepper and spinach. Front- and back- of-package callouts claim that 1 ounce of the snack chips contain the value of 2.5 cups of broccoli, equaling 25 percent RDA vitamin A; 3.5 beets, equaling 25 percent RDA vitamin C; five tomatoes, equaling 15 percent RDA vitamin E; 7 cups of spinach, equaling 20 percent RDA vitamin B 6 ; and two carrots, equaling 20 percent RDA vitamin K. Good t hins t he r ice o ne! Veggie Blend and t he Potato o ne! s weet Potato s nacks $3.69 More than ever, people are snacking — and also worrying about what goes into their bodies. Enter Nabisco's Good Thins snacks, Mondelez International's first snack brand launch in more than a decade. The line, which debuted earlier this year, is made with such base ingredients as rice, potato and chickpeas, and contains no artificial colors or flavors, cholesterol, partially hydrogenated oils, or high-fructose corn syrup. We tried The Potato One! Sweet Potato and The Rice One! Veggie Blend varieties and were amazed at the taste and mouth feel of these delectable snacks. The sweet potato chips, which claim to have 60 percent less fat than the leading regular fried potato chip, have a soft, buttery texture that was almost flaky, as well as a slightly sweet flavor everyone enjoyed. The veggie chips tasted like a fresh vegetable medley of peppers, corn and black beans, also boasting a satisfying, crispy texture that could hold up well to dipping. Our taste testers could have plowed through an entire box of either variety in one sitting. Graeter's c heese c rown i ce c ream $5.99 If you're going to indulge in ice cream, do it right, and few do it better than Graeter's, which has grown beyond its historic Ohio confines to become a nation confines to become a national favorite. Still family-owned, Graeter's is the last ice crea Graeter's is the last ice cream still crafted in French pots in still crafted in French pots in 2½-gallon batches. This tim 2½-gallon batches. This time, Graeter's combines decaden Graeter's combines decadence and Old World know-how for Cheese Crown, a flavor based on the Danish pastry long based on the Danish pastry long enjoyed in Cincinnati. Cheesecake-flavored ice cream with cinnamon sugar pastry pieces and fondant icing flakes makes for a luscious and truly original treat. Grainful t uscan Bean & k ale s teel c ut Meal $4.99 Even the carnivores on our team were impressed by this frozen meatless entrée, which leverages current demand for food products with whole grains. We found this blend of steel-cut oats, Italian spices, kidney and garbanzo beans, chopped kale, diced tomatoes, and garlic surprisingly filling and very tasty. Each meal contains one to two servings of whole grains and carries the Whole Grain Council's stamp. Additionally, the meal trays are recyclable and compostable.

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