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54 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 2016 Editors' Picks Food Emmi Fondü $14.99 Just as shoppers are looking for convenient solutions to meals, they also are looking for easy "wow" experiences for at-home entertaining. Emmi Roth USA answers the call with high-quality Fondü Original Cheese Fondue From Switzerland. The ingredient list makes it look simple, but consumers would be hard-pressed to make this smooth treat on their own. Swiss cheese, white wine and Kirsch brandy are key ingredients. It's a tad pricey, but a sure hit on the cocktail or book club circuit. Adventurous eaters can make this a meal by dipping vegetables, potatoes or meat. Evolution Fresh o rganic Green Lemonade $3.99/15.2-fluid-ounce bottle Americans are finding interesting new ways to pack more veggies into their diets, leading to a number of juice blends that contain everything from sweet potato to spinach hitting the market. But these juices aren't always refreshing, which can make drinking them more of a chore than a joy. Evolution Fresh has addressed this reality with its latest offering: a combination of lemonade and leafy greens. Evolution Fresh's Organic Green Lemonade is everything a lemonade should be — light, crisp and hydrating — but with the added benefit of leafy greens and only 10 grams of sugar per serving (two per bottle). Our testers found the lemonade to be refreshingly citrusy but not too sweet, and not overshadowed by the taste of the greens, which actually added to the beverage's fresh flavor. Freschetta Artisan c rust Pizza — c hicken & Fire r oasted Vegetable $7.99 The Schwan Food Co. has been a leader in driving innovation and creativity in the frozen pizza category. Its latest winner is Freschetta Artisan Crust pizza, which features a differentiated, 51 percent multigrain crust made with a blend of three whole grains, delivering a slightly sweet flavor, hearty texture and all of the benefits of whole grains. The chicken and roasted vegetable toppings were a nice change of pace from standard pizza fare. From above and below, this offering from Freschetta should win many new fans looking for something different in their grocer's frozen pizza case. Fortun's Finishing t ouch s oups – Azteca c hicken and hicken and r ice ice $4.99-$5.99 Check off all of the trends this product embraces: no added preservatives, no artificial additives, no MSG, restaurant-quality, crafted in small batches, chef- inspired. It also contributes to sustainability; sold as a concentrate, the product lin concentrate, the product line is shipped to market without is shipped to market without the extra water weight, allowing consumers to add the liquid at home. We thought this soup was a little fussy to prepare in our office microwave kitchen — it'll do better on a stovetop at home. Our favorite of the line was the Azteca Chicken and Rice. Made with fresh vegetables, real stock and wines, and premium spices, the soup is sure to garner a following among consumers. ElevAte Meals $4.99 This new superfood brand from Ready Pac Foods speaks to consumers interested in clean eating and functional nutrition. Claiming to be the first non- GMO, organic and gluten-free-certified d GMO, organic and gluten-free-certified gluten-free-certified complete meal option available, ElevAte ption complete meal option available, ElevAte available, ElevAte offers convenient nutrition on the go venient offers convenient nutrition on the go nutrition on the go and incorporates nutrient-dense rporates and incorporates nutrient-dense nutrient-dense ingredients full of antioxidants ents full of antioxidants and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. mega-3 and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. and -6 fatty acids. Ingredients include dark cacao, dients Ingredients include dark cacao, include dark cacao, goji berries, nutrient-rich leafy greens, legumes, nuts, organic white-meat chicken, and dressings made with matcha green tea, blueberries and hempseeds, for a fresh-tasting, definitely on-trend asting, fresh-tasting, definitely on-trend definitely on-trend offering. Additionally, our tasters loved the quirky flavor names, including Blu-Rugula, Go-Go-Goji and Kale Caesar.

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