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44 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 2016 Editors' Picks Food Among Friends Papa t om's Perfect Pancake and Waffle Mix $4.99/11.3-ounce package Knowing that Papa Tom's Perfect Pancake and Waffle Mix is Among Friends' first extension beyond dess Friends' first extension beyond dessert mixes makes the cinnamon notes easier to understand. This tasty, slig easier to understand. This tasty, slightly sweet mix is great for breakfast love sweet mix is great for breakfast lovers avoiding gluten. Directions recomm avoiding gluten. Directions recommend making the entire package, which renders the $4.99 tag a tad pricey. T renders the $4.99 tag a tad pricey. The addition of cinnamon gives the prod addition of cinnamon gives the product a unique homey taste and smell. Oth a unique homey taste and smell. Other key ingredients in this clean-label product include whole grain sorghu product include whole grain sorghum flour, whole grain oat flour, brown r flour, whole grain oat flour, brown rice flour and almond meal. Angie's Boom c hickaPop s weet Barbeque Popcorn $3.49 The latest flavor from Angie's BoomChickaPop is a great example of how the snack category is delivering better-for-you products with style. The folks at Angie's say their new Sweet Barbeque Popcorn evokes Kansas City flavor; the smoked paprika, sea salt, onion and garlic deliver a nice zing. At 80 calories per cup, it hits several wellness trends — gluten-free, whole grain, no high-fructose corn syrup (it's sweetened with cane and maple sugars) — and it's made with non-GMO popcorn. Arla c heese s lices $3.99/10 slices A farmer-owned cooperative known for cheese, butter and dairy ingredients, Arla is stepping up its game in branded dairy products. One of two new products we're recognizing is a line of sliced natural cheeses, including Havarti, Gouda, Fontina and Muenster varieties. These convenient, delicious cheeses are great for sandwiches or snacking. Additionally, the brand tells a nice farm- to-table story, with products made with milk from cows not treated with synthetic growth hormones, and without artificial colors or preservatives. Arla Arla c ream c heese heese $2.99/7-ounce tub Simplicity is a huge trend, and Arla's new line of cream cheese reflects that demand. This rich, flavorful spread boasts just four core ingredients — milk, cream, cheese culture and salt — with no added stabilizers, thickeners, artificial flavors or preservatives. We enjoyed all five flavors offered, with Peppercorn being the most original for this type of product. The cream cheese also comes in Original, Light, Herbs & Spices, and Blueberry. Atkins Harvest t rail Bars $6.99/5-count box Nutritional bars compete in a crowded market, but it can often be a case of "buyer beware" when it comes to the actual nutrition. Atkins' Harvest Trail Bars clock in at only 4 grams of net carbs (13 grams of carbohydrates minus the 9 grams of fiber) and only 1 gram of sugar. The cello window on the box puts the product front and center, allowing consumers to see the whole nuts and fruit pieces as well as the drizzle of chocolate on the dark chocolate peanut butter variety, and bolstering the impression that the bars are a "whole" food. Varieties: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Nuts, and Vanilla Fruit & Nut.

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