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132 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 Produce Fresh Food drew more shoppers into the category — especially at a time of year that apple sales are lagging," observes Tudor. e Boston Marathon boxes also built brand recognition for Rainier's organic Lady Alice, Honeycrisp and Junami apples. "We have made a large shift toward organic production in apples, pears and blueberries over the last 15 years, making us one of the largest organic fruit producers in the U.S.," adds Tudor. While progress has been made in building brand loyalty in the produce department, the industry's work is far from done. According to Tudor, "Produce has several legacy brands that have been around for a long time, and a few new brands that have recently developed thanks to the power of marketing, but as a rule, consumers aren't able to name a lot of branded produce." Ongoing success depends on suppliers and retailers alike consistently supporting quality, great- tasting products with a strong message position. Good Times Holidays and special events provide the perfect op- portunity to showcase popular brands in the produce department. Produce managers across the country have particularly shown their display prowess in the avocado category leading up to the Super Bowl. Prior to Super Bowl 50, the Target website posted an image from its Edina, Minn., store that depicted a bountiful bin of avocados branded with Avocados From Mexico's Taste the Victory tagline. Above the image, the retailer used the following caption: "is Week's Spike in Avocado Sales Can Only Mean G ame on a m ollie Stone's m arket offers an eye-catching California a vocado display in honor of the Big Game. Call our sales team for more information Jessica Peri 775-463-6326 Cindy Elrod 775-463-6318 Mindy VanVleck 775-463-6313 Monique Blajos 775-463-6325 7 7 5 - 4 6 3 - 6 3 2 5 M o n i q u e B l a j o s 7 7 5 - 4 6 3 - 6 3 1 3 M i n d y V a n V l e c k 7 7 5 - 4 6 3 - 6 3 1 8 C i n d y E l r o d 7 7 5 - 4 6 3 - 6 3 2 6 J e s s i c a P e r i

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