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110 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | September 2016 Candy & Snack Merchandising Grocery erefore, if continually improving economic conditions and falling gas prices are any indications, this year's holiday season could see similar or even greater spending. And consider- ing candy and snacks' central role in holiday gift-giving and entertaining, grocers have ample opportunities to work with their supplier partners to activate enticing promotions around the candy and snacks most sought by their shoppers during these merry months. Tradition Trumps All Arguably more than anything else, family traditions play the largest role in hosting a successful holiday celebration, whether the occasion is Halloween, anksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa. "We know holidays are emotional," says Larry Lupo, VP of sales, grocery, convenience and drug channels at Hackettstown, N.J.- based Mars Chocolate North Amer- ica. "Many emotions come from a feeling of nostalgia, which is why traditions surrounding the holidays are important, and preserving those traditions is important. We also know that during the holidays, shoppers will go to great lengths to make things extra special." In particular, Millennials, whose spending power is increas- ing each year, are looking for ways to make things special — but often in innovative ways, corresponding with their stronger likelihood over older generations to flirt with the new new and exotic. and exotic. "While consumers want to contin- ue ue their family traditions, Millennials their family traditions, Millennials are looking for fun new traditions to re are looking for fun new traditions to looking for fun new traditions to incorporate into the season to make their own," affirms Rachel Lewis, seasons innovation manager with the Hershey, Pa.-based Hershey Co. Something new that Millennials might create Millennials are looking for fun new traditions to incorporate into the sea- son to make their own." —Rachel Lewis, The Hershey Co. THE POWER OF TWO: Two Great Flavors in One Pie! Popular Pairings • Two Terrific Combinations: Boston Cream (Vanilla & Chocolate) Strawberries & Cream • High-quality ingredients with real chocolate, vanilla and fruit fillings D U O S Our Snack Pies are available nationwide… Get yourself a piece!

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