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AUG 2016

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Check Out Check Out 42 | Progressive Grocer Independent | August 2016 Overheard at FMI Connect K eith Wyche, author of "Good is Not Enough" and former president of Acme Markets and Cub Foods, spoke at the recent FMI Connect conference about how successful retailers leverage inclusion and embrace diversity in today's marketplace. In today's grocery landscape, where 40 percent of "Everyone brings something unique to the table, and inclusion allows us to get the best ideas," Wyche said. "Leaders who win will know how to leverage diversity to drive growth, teamwork and customer loyalty." Understand customer demographics within 2 miles of the store and allot 10 percent to 20 percent of merchandising — particularly fresh — to be geared toward these unique segments. Hire diverse associates from the neighborhood. This will also help keep the store abreast of unique food preferences in the area. Leverage affinity groups to better under- stand how best to market to, and meet the needs of, the unique groups in the neighborhood. Encourage feedback from associates on product suggestions or marketing ideas. Connect with the community through customer appreciation events that highlight the fresh departments to drive customer engagement and loyalty. Build relationships with area schools, businesses and places of worship to create awareness of your business. Engage with the online community , especially "mommy bloggers," to stay top of mind and influence their readership. Use social media to educate cus- tomers, such as posting videos on how to carve a turkey or pick fresh produce. Create mentoring opportunities between cross-generational associates. Partner new associates with high- performing existing associates to accelerate onboarding and improve retention. shoppers go to more than one store, 32 million Americans shop every day, and the average shopper spends 43 minutes in the store, winning companies will focus on the needs of the neighborhood, leverage technology to attract and engage shoppers, and understand the importance of omnichannel. Wyche offered 10 best practices for winning by inclusion: 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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