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AUG 2016

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August 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 39 do a grab-and-go meal solution case," Bennett says. "Help customers get there; don't make them piece it to- gether. Just helping the consumer get to that meal solution … is something that everybody can do tomorrow." Another idea from the center was to change how the products are grouped. Traditionally, many retail- ers put the same types of product together, so you end up with a sea of pasta salads or entrées. Instead, con- figure the case to mix products from all parts of the meal in the way that customers would actually buy them. If a customer is in the mood for Southwestern fare or a down-home meal, position those products together so that the shopper can go to one section of the showcase to get everything needed for the meal. For example, showcase the rotisserie chicken with a Southwest pasta salad, or the fried okra and mashed potatoes with the fried chicken. "en you have your meal solution right there," Bennett notes. ink holistically about how people consume food, and develop showcases that fit those patterns. Strategic Positioning For foods associated with a certain daypart, expand sales opportuni- ties beyond their traditional meal times. Set aside a small corner of the case for breakfast items, and keep it replenished beyond the morning hours. Breakfast has moved beyond the morning daypart, so it may make financial sense to have a small space devoted to those products all day long. Another idea for a small display is charcuterie, especially if you're A pho bar may not be feasible for all stores, but retailers can add Asian- inpsired products to their prepared food lineups.

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