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August 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 29 makes it easy to see how inappropri- ate it is to have lion tamers trying to manage dolphins. Dolphin trainers give feedback, exactly what Millennials desire, which is why the mentor setup works so well. Lion-like Boom- ers, on the other hand, often didn't know where they stood until they felt the whip from their lion trainers, O'Brien observes. ese animal characteristics also fit well with some generational ste- reotypes. Lions don't expend energy until they have to hunt, meaning that Boomers used to work only while at work and didn't take work home with them. en smartphones came along, and this idea became outmoded. Dolphins move for the joy of it and blend work and recreation, much like how Millennials may think nothing of taking a long break from work so they can work out at the gym, but also are constantly connect- ed via smartphone. Constantly on the move, dolphins are agile, flexible, innovative and curious. Additionally, lions are solitary animals, while dolphins succeed in pods and are social. Taming Lions Where managers today need to change is that they need to become dolphin trainers and not lion tamers, which can be uncomfortable for those former lion tamers, O'Brien notes. Lion tamers are on the way out, mainly due to the fact that lions are aging out of the workforce and being replaced by dolphins. "If you're going to have a group of dolphins, you need to adjust to them," he adds. "e cool part is that dolphin training works on lions. With the constant feedback and reward, the lions end up having more fun, too." No matter whether you're hiring dolphins or lions, one of the most im- portant things is that they fit in with your company culture. "We have a really great team right now," says Mt. Plymouth IGA's Patel, "and the reason is, we hire based on attitude." If you hire only according to skill and don't take attitude into consid- eration, you run the risk of bringing a negative person onto the team. Negativity spreads quickly through the whole department, and can even bring your store down, Patel adds. On the flipside, a person who's out- going and fun can bring up a depart- ment — and your store as a whole. "You can always teach a person with a great attitude any skills; they are willing to learn," Patel notes. "If you hire a person with a nega- tive attitude, you can't teach them anything. Attitude has everything to do with it." PGI Highlights from Beloit College Mindset for the Class of 2019* Hybrid automobiles have always been mass-produced. Google has always been there, in its founding words, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible." They have never licked a postage stamp. Email has become the new "formal" communication, while texts and tweets remain enclaves for the casual. Hong Kong has always been under Chinese rule. They have grown up treating Wi-Fi as an entitlement. The NCAA has always had a precise means to determine a national cham- pion in college football. When they were born, cell phone usage was so expensive that families only used their large phones, usually in cars, for emergencies. " The Lion King" has always been on Broadway. *This is the most recent Mindset list available at press time. 58% of Millennials prefer face-to-face communication over emails and text messaging.

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