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AUG 2016

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August 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 23 Feature Store of the Future A century ago, the way consumers shopped was forever altered by the introduction of the self-service grocery store. Customers could now walk around a store and select the items they wanted, rather than telling a clerk, who then pulled the products from the shelves for them. As we celebrate that milestone, Progressive Grocer Independent is taking a look at what market-changing strategies might transform the retail grocery world again. With the emergence and growth of e-commerce and delivery services, will the physical store disappear? Not likely, according to Mayer Gniwisch, chairman of Self Point, an e-commerce solution provider based in Brooklyn, N.Y. "Stores are not going away," he says. "People still want to go to the store. But that in-store experience is going to change." Bye-buy Aisles One way that store experience may change is in the design of stores and how they're merchandised. e center store most certainly will be revolutionized. Current thinking has center store built according to a packhouse mentality, says Kevin Kel- ley, principal at Los Angeles-based Shook Kelley, but humans don't like long, tight corridors; they make them uncomfort- able. "We need to get rid of long corridors," he notes. "If customers don't like it, they don't go down it." is model also loses the emo- tionality around food. Self-service shopping revolutionized the shopping experience 100 years ago. How will supermarkets be revolutionized next? By Katie Martin Supermarket Retailing Post-2016 "Change is coming; it is real." —Marc de Speville, founder of Strategic Food Retail

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