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August 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 15 stores are known for. e department accounted for 22 percent of sales on opening day. Variety is the driving force behind product selection for the department. "In our old store, we didn't have the variety," Andy says. "at's one thing we tried to focus on, was to give us enough space to give us variety." e wine department features everything from an $8 bottle of wine all the way up to selections costing $700. e wine director has worked with distributors to source bottles that are typically sold only to restaurants. "Our average sale used to be $15 a bottle; we're trying to get that sale up," Andy says. e beer department devotes the majority of its space to craft beer. "We are known to be a craft beer destina- tion," Basim says. "Everybody goes to e Pig to get their beer, because of our variety." Beer sales are broken down into craft, domestic, import, large-con- tainer and draft beers. "We're really able to see what we're selling the most of, and craft beer has become a big part of our business," Basim adds. Relationships Work e store is able to offer such a variety because the partners have worked to build relationships with small breweries, which like doing business with other small businesses. Also, the Crestline Piggly Wiggly, as a single store, is easier for the smaller brewers to supply, because they can send just 100 cases of a vari- ety. What's more, the store has become a popular destination for the brewers' specialty offerings or one-off brews. For example, Westbrook Brewery, in South Carolina, sends the store its once-a-year Mexican Cake variety. "It's gone within a week," Andy notes. "Not everybody gets these things." And customers know they won't get it again until next May. e store also has the brewer's Grand-Mére on tap at its growler station; the variety is hard to find in Birmingham. A prominent showcase in the beer department is the Featured section, which, as its name suggests, show- cases the newest and latest offerings from the craft breweries. e section also allows the store to sell single "It's not all about us. It's about the community, and that's what people like about us. We try not to hurt these other businesses." —Basim Ajlouny CRAFT BEER TAKES OVER The large beer department is almost completely dominated by craft beer selections from small brewers near Birmingham, Ala., and around the country.

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