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cover feature 1 0 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2016 P&G capture 9 share points in the adult incontinence category, which reported growth of 17 percent, IRI reports. Always Discreet captured $149 million in revenue gains for its vendor. While only a small number of consumers purchase from this category, 28 percent of category buyers tried Always Discreet, IRI reports. Among these shoppers, repeat behavior has been solid, at 43 percent, according to IRI. Overall, these 12 launches earned their companies more than $1.4 billion in incremental revenue in their frst year, IRI reports. In addition, most of these categories also experienced dollar sales growth during the 2013 to 2015 period. NPP Use Social Media Successfully Powerful new brands also play a critical role in infuencing social buzz and spurring product usage ideas. For 19 percent of consumers, awareness of new products comes from information on blogs and social networking sites, IRI's survey reports. "Marketers need to communicate to their customers where their customers are," Viamari says. "Today, one-third of the world's population is on social media, and it's growing quickly with no end in sight. Social media is a great way for CPGs to reach out to consumers, and it's also a wonderful way for consumers to share their product experiences with each other and with marketers." Consumers view an estimated 5,000 ads per day, and CPGs have an opportunity to leverage social media to help their brands stand out from the noise, Viamari adds. For instance, Tide entered the budget laundry detergent market with Simply Clean and Fresh (No. 3 non-food NPP), and avoided being labeled as "cheap detergent" thanks to the #PGSummerSave campaign, IRI reports. Tide reached out to popular mom-bloggers, the gate keepers of home care, to review Simply Clean and Fresh and share on social media with the #PGSummerSave. "The bloggers reinforced the brand message 'the power of Tide without cost-inducing extras,' and Tide Simply Clean and Fresh is now viewed as a value product that is not cheap or inefective," Viamari says. Cobblestone Bread Co. also tapped into the mind of consumers via social media. With the hashtag #cbcbreakfast, consumers shared their product usage ideas. "This helps to stimulate consumption, but it can also potentially touch of the next new product development idea," Viamari says. Navigating the Competitive Landscape Meaningful innovation today requires a look at the competitive landscape. This translates to understanding the true market and consumer trends needs and wants, defning the true competitive set, and understanding key sources of volume growth, IRI's report explains. "The competitive landscape has changed," Viamari says. "CPGs need to understand that their job is to solve a need, not a specifc eating/ usage occasion." For instance, yogurt does not just compete with yogurt. Yogurt competes with all categories that can solve the consumer desire for a quick, portable, protein snack. This could be snack bars, cheese sticks, meat snacks, etc. "The competitive set will be diferent for Gastrointestinal Tablets $ 270.6 M Air Fresheners $ 172.5 M Laundry Detergent $ 167.5 M Adult Incontinence $ 133.0M Foot Care Products $ 128.1M Razors $ 74.1M $ 70.4 M $ 108.0 M Pet Food Nail Cosmetics $ 98.0 M Razors $ 86.6M Glad OdorShield with Febreze Amopé Pedi Perfect Nexium 24HR 1 Air Wick Life Scents Tide Simply Clean and Fresh 3 Always Discreet 4 5 2 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Purina Beyond 6 Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology 8 Gillette Venus Swirl 9 10 7 New Product Pacesetters offer an excellent example of new launches that work hard in the marketplace, and, in turn, capture significant sales for their categories across CPG. Source: IRI Market Advantage™ Top 10 NoN-Food New producT paceseTTers

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