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Summer 2016

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Summer 2016 / Progressive Grocer Products Showcase 7 cover feature Mountain, each of which earned higher year-one sales, IRI reports. "Indulgence and excitement are long- standing food and beverage trends, but technology and new ingredients continue to make both more pronounced," Viamari says. "Consumers are looking for worldly favors, more natural favor profles and unexpected favor and texture combinations. CPGs are doing a good job thinking outside the box to continue to excite and delight." In non-food products, non-food NPP reached $26.5 million in median year-one sales, which marked an increase from $22.3 million in 2014. The wide range of 100 top-performing non- food brands address the fact that consumers have diferent needs, wants and priorities, and today's shoppers want CPG solutions that recognize this fact, IRI reports. "Consumer demand for solutions that are well-tailored to their specifc needs and wants is really intensifying," Viamari says. "The age of personalization is upon us. Through solid market research, CPGs are really honing in on what their target shoppers want and they're innovating against those very specifc things. Generally speaking, this means that new products have appeal to a more fnite segment of consumers. This does not mean that the launches are less successful. They represent a responsiveness to the customer." For example, CPG innovators are helping consumers express their individuality by ofering a variety of olfactory experiences. The largest olfactory launch of 2015 was Air Wick Life Scents (No. 2 non-food NPP), which flls the home with continuous, fresh fragrance for up to 60 days along with allowing consumers to select their desired fragrance level. Unique and exciting scent experiences also can be found in the kitchen with Glad OdorShield with Febreze Freshness and Gain (No. 10 non-food NPP). Despite these huge launches, nearly half of the 2015 Pacesetters failed to reach $20 million. Top-selling new brands offer a prime example of the power of successful innovation.

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