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6 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2016 By Elizabeth Fuhrman cover feature Food and beverage New Product Pacesetters definitely show that consumers want flavor excitement in their diets along with better-for-you choices. Last year, approximately 12,000 new brands were launched, and only 200 of those launches achieved IRI New Product Pacesetter (NPP) status. These top-selling new brands ofer a prime example of the power of successful innovation, capturing cumulative year-one sales of more than $6.5 billion across IRI's multi-outlet geography, according to IRI's recently released 2015 New Product Pacesetters report. Food and beverage NPP topped $19.6 million in median year-one sales, down from $22.9 million in 2014. Cumulative sales of the top-10 fnishers were rather similar between the two years though, IRI reports. Exciting and indulgent attributes are found in these food and beverage NPP and are in line with what consumers are saying they want from new food products. More than a quarter (29 percent) of consumers wants to indulge without paying restaurant prices, according to IRI's 2016 New Product Survey. Another 24 percent want to add excitement to their daily diet, and 21 percent seek options that are truly new and diferent, the survey fnds. "Food and beverage manufacturers continue to raise the bar across retail aisles," says Susan Viamari, vice president of Thought Leadership at IRI. "They're combining new ingredients and new technologies to make dining in quicker, easier and more enjoyable. This year 's winners present an array of restaurant-like favor fusions that bring indulgence and excitement to diners in the home and on the run. They're bringing protein and whole grains — ingredients that fll consumers up — to new categories and new eating occasions. And, of course, more and more product introductions have forms and packaging that bring ease and excitement to on- the-go eating." Food and beverage NPP defnitely show that consumers want favor excitement in their diets along with better-for-you choices. For example in better-for-you products, Fairlife milk (No. 4 food and beverage NPP) uses a new, patented fltration process that concentrates some of milk's natural nutrients, while fltering out lactose and reducing sugars. McCafé cofee (No. 1 food and beverage NPP) and Chili's At Home frozen dinners (No. 6 food and beverage NPP), provide consumers the favor and excitement they expect from these restaurant crossover brands. As the top-selling new food and beverage for the year, McCafé cofee, which earned more than $172 million in its frst year, also ofers an example of a launch that capitalizes on brand equity. In addition, McCafé follows several years of big k-cup debuts, including from Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Green Insights into creating the next great new product Building a Winner Median Year-1 SaleS Food & Beverage: $19.6 M Non-Food: $26.5 M Convenience Store: $18.6 M • > $100 M • $80 - $99 M • $60 - $79 M • $40 - $59 M • $20 - $39 M • < $20 M 46% 37% 6% 6% 5% 2% New Product Pacesetter Year-1 Sales Source: IRI 2015 New Product Pacesetters report

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