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24 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2016 PERISHABLES Gluten-free Italian Sauces 'n Love offers a gluten-free line of Italian products, including Sauces 'n Love Ricotta, Aged Cheddar and Kale GF Ravioli, Sauces 'n Love Roasted Butternut Squash GF Ravioli, Sauces 'n Love Pumpkin and Kale Alfredo, and Scarpetta Ghost Pepper Pizza Sauce. Sauces 'n Love also offers its Sauces 'n Love line of refrigerated Italian Sauces, Pasta and Ravioli, its refrigerated line of Dips 'n Love gourmet dips, and shelf- stable line of Scarpetta Italian Sauces. Sauces 'n Love Inc. Boston Gluten-free Baked Goods BFree Foods developed gluten-free wraps, rolls, bagels and bread loaves. The line derives protein and fiber from whole peas, apples and potatoes and uses a unique blend of buckwheat and corn flours to provide gluten- like pliability. BFree products do not contain wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts or soy, making the entire BFree product line free from all major allergens and completely vegan. BFree Foods Montebello, Calif. Addition for Eggs CleverFoodies launched Scramble, a line of small-batch cooked mix of vegetables, herbs and spices to add to eggs. Scramble added to eggs can create scrambles, omelets and frittatas that are ready in minutes. Scramble is available in three flavors: Leafy Greens, Rancheros. and Mediterranean. With no more than 60 calories per serving, Scramble contains all-natural ingredients, is gluten-free and does not have any sugar added. CleverFoodies Burlington, Vt. Greek Yogurt Coleslaw Dressing Litehouse Foods introduced OPA by Litehouse Coleslaw. The new flavor joins the OPA by Litehouse family of Greek yogurt-based dressing in the refrigerated salad dressing category. Using Greek yogurt as a base provides twice the protein and 45% fewer calories than traditional coleslaw dressings. All OPA by Litehouse products contain no trans fat, MSG, artificial preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup, and are gluten-free. Litehouse Foods Inc. Hope, Idaho California Strawberries Well Pict Berries offers berries from Oxnard, Calif., the "Strawberry Capital of the World," which supplies the United States with a large portion of strawberries. It's located on the soil- rich Oxnard Plain, which allows Oxnard to have an outstanding growing season of 354 days. The crop has responded favorably to warm, sunny days and cool nights, and the fruit flavor is outstanding, size is large, and the color is full. Well Pict Berries Watsonville, Calif. Gourmet Ramen Nona Lim debuted a line of fresh ramen noodles: Tokyo Ramen, Hakata Ramen and Whole Wheat Ramen. Tokyo Ramen is originally from the capital of Japan and is also the most popular type of ramen around the world. Nona Lim Hakata Ramen is pale and very thin, which allows it to be cooked more quickly with a delicate texture. It pairs with Nona Lim's Miso Ramen or Spicy Szechuan broths. Nona Lim's Whole Wheat Ramen has a brown hue and fiber. Nona Lim Foods Oakland, Calif. Mini Desserts Portland Style Cheesecake and Dessert Co. offers 3-in. cheesecakes made with all-natural ingredients in five flavors: Classic Vanilla, Double Lemon, Pumpkin Gingersnap, Double Chocolate, and Marionberry. The company also offers four 3-in. cake flavors: Coconut Dream, Double Chocolate, Caramel Pumpkin, and Double Lemon. Portland Style Cheesecake and Dessert Co. Portland, Ore. Specialty Citrus Frieda refreshed its Specialty Produce brand with new specialty citrus bags offering an eye-catching design that welcomes shoppers to give the fruit a try. Featuring fun wordplay like "Don't pucker up, we're sweet" for Meyer lemons and "We're blushing on the inside" for pink lemons, the packages attract curious shoppers who may not have tried these varieties. Frieda's branded line of citrus bags stands out with bright, bold, playful copy paired with a natural, kraft-paper feel. Frieda's Inc. Los Alamitos, Calif.

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