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Frozen and refrigerated products deliver what shoppers want. enerating more than $167 billion in sales last year, frozen and refrigerated foods satisfy shopper needs and desires on a number of fronts. Up 1.4 percent in sales compared to the same period last year, according to IRI multi-outlet plus convenience for the 52 weeks ended Feb. 21, 2016, frozen and refrigerated foods have tapped into big trends impacting CPG and retail. REFRIGERATED & FROZEN Summer 2016 / Progressive Grocer Products Showcase 1 7 For one, many options in the cooler and freezer are portable. Consumers' on-the-go lifestyles require fast, easy, but still satisfying foods. While once a microwavable TV dinner was revolutionary to families, today consumers have grab and go breakfast, lunch or dinner – from freezer to the car in minutes. Yet while consumers want fast and portable, other trends show an expectation of satiation, excitement and indulgence. They want quality ingredients, unique favors and options, and a more afordable way to dabble in exotic or indulgent foods. And, further, these desires do not preclude the expectation of convenience. The big winners also underscore the importance of convenience— convenient prep and convenient consumption. Consumers don't want to slow down to fuel up. According to IRI data, the top-growing refrigerated and fresh categories are: • Refrigerated Lunches +14.3% dollars; +13.1% units • Refrigerated Tea/Cofee +12.6% dollars; +9.7% units • Cottage Cheese +1.2% dollars; +7.2% units • Refrigerated Entrees +8.9% dollars; 7.1% units • Fz. Appetizers/Snack Rolls +3.7% dollars; +6.5% units Source: IRI multi-outlet plus convenience for the 52 weeks ended Feb. 21, 2016 The largest fresh/perishable category is milk. While milk continues to struggle, milk marketers are working hard to turn the ship. Units were fat for the year, while dollars slid (down 8.1%) as marketers ramp up messaging and seek opportunities to recreate milk's image. In a recent IRI Times & Trends report, the downward trend in milk was addressed. "Falling milk prices contributed to sharp dollar sales declines for the year. White dairy milk continues to dominate the overall milk category. However, consumers seeking healthier options and more variety are driving growth in nondairy milk and favored milk segments. "And, while 2015 dairy price infation is expected to be quite low, less than 1.5 percent, USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) 2016 expectations call for an uptick, with infation for the year coming in at 2.0 to 3.0 percent, which will provide some support to dollar sales trends," according to the report. To ofset the challenges in the dairy segment of the refrigerated cases, dairy marketers must continue working to deliver innovative solutions that are healthy and convenient – a goal that should continue to be the focus across the frozen and refrigerated category. Fresh and In Demand Refrigerated lunches is a powerhouse Cold, But Hot!

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