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1 4 Progressive Grocer Products Showcase / Summer 2016 CENTER STORE • Bakery Snacks +6.0% dollars, +5.0% units • Pastry/Doughnuts +6.6% dollars, +4.8% units • Snack/Granola Bars +4.1% dollars, +3.1% units • Salty Snacks +3.5% dollars, +2.7% units • Snack Nuts/Seeds/Corn Nuts +4.2% dollars, +1.7% units Source: IRI Multi-Outlet plus Convenience, 52 weeks ended Feb. 21, 2016 One of the growth drivers for leading snack categories are households with kids. According to IRI, these households represent 40 percent of macrosnack sales and drove a 12.7 percent dollar sales increase in 2015, compared to 2014. Analysis shows that households with kids have a more complex attraction to snack categories, partly due to meal-time solutions but also occasions and sizing. IRI reports that: • 28% of HH with kids are snacking more frequently, vs. 16% of households without kids • 20% of households with kids buy larger- sized packages with the intention of sharing as a means of reducing overall snack expen- ditures vs. 8% for households without kids Source: IRI 2016 Consumer Snacking Survey Notable new products that achieved New Product Pacesetter status in snacks this year include: • Chocodile Twinkies • Little Debbie Cosmic Cupcakes • Rufes Deep Ridged • Smartfood Delight • Nutrigrain Fruit & Oat Harvest • Meta Health Bar Source: IRI 2015 New Product Pacesetters, Chicago Source: Market Track Promotional, Advertising and eCommerce data Trend of Grocery STore croSS- Media ProMoTional SuPPorT Apr '14-Mar '15 to Apr '15-Mar '16 30% 44% 44% 48% -2% -3% Center Store PERIMETER SToRE PrInt WeBSIteS EMAIL PercenT cHanGe in SnacKS ProMoTionS By Media TyPe Apr '14-Mar '15 to Apr '15-Mar '16 64.1% -29.3% -0.1% Source: Market Track Promotional, Advertising and eCommerce data PrInt WeBSIteS EMAIL Promotional Trends With consumers trending more toward fresh ingredients, exploring promotional support of center store shows that promotional support from grocers does, in fact, favor the perimeter. According to Market Track, Chicago, both center store and perimeter store categories saw a slight decrease in print promotional support from grocers over the past 12 months, down 2 percent and 3 percent, respectively. However, both saw a dramatic increase in email and website promotional support during the same period. Perimeter store saw a 48 percent increase in website promotions and a 44 percent increase in email promotions, while center store saw smaller increases of 44 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Snacks saw little change to print promotional support over the past 12 months, yet large swings in digital support. Grocers promoted 64 percent more snacks on their websites over the past 12 months, year over year, yet 29 percent fewer promotions in email. The decline in email is interesting as it did not follow the same trend as overall center store, which saw an increase in email promotion. This is likely due to the fact that email is a push media used to drive shoppers to the store, and snacks are more an impulse-buy category than a category that will drive shoppers to pick a specific store if on sale. Source: Market Track Promotional, Advertising and eCommerce data PGPS

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