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CENTER STORE Shoppers who continue to blur lines between eating occasions, eat on the go and entertain at home even though restaurant dining trends have rebounded can take much of the credit for success and growth in the center. Center store ofers these shoppers great options to fulfll more diverse eating occasions than simply breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overall, center store generates more than $330 billion and houses some category giants, including snacks, canned goods, cereals and bars, dry goods and many more. According to Chicago's IRI, for the 52 weeks ending Feb. 21, 2016, multi-outlet plus convenience in center store sales were $336.2 billion, up 3.3 percent vs. the prior year. Units increased 0.7 percent, according to IRI. However, market analysis shows the rates infuenced heavily by infationary prices due to a higher prevalence of premium products and declining promotional activity. Some of the most impactful subcategories in the center store are snacks. The snack sector is performing well, as consumers snack more frequently and continue to blur the lines between eating occasions. According to IRI's 2016 Consumer Snacking Survey, consumers are consuming an average 2.7 snacks per day, and 46% of consumers snack more than three times daily — up fve points in just one year. Increasingly, snacks are playing a role once played by traditional meal-time solutions. Shoppers are experimenting for their personal consumption, for their family and for at-home entertaining. According to IRI, the fastest-growing segments of the snack sector show impressive growth when compared with overall center- store growth of 3.3 percent in dollars and 0.7 percent in units: Grab a Snack Snacks are abundant in center store, pulling shoppers down the center aisles, which are home to bakery, bars, salty snacks and much more. espite increasing attention paid to the perimeter thanks to consumer interest in eating fresh, less processed foods, as well as protein-rich fresh meats, poultry and seafood, center store has held its own, primarily in dollar growth with units mostly fat. Center Store: $336.2 billion, Up 3.3% vs. prior year Source: IRI Multi-Outlet plus Convenience, 52 weeks ended Feb. 21, 2016 Summer 2016 / Progressive Grocer Products Showcase 1 3

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