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Training Food Safety June 2016 | Defining the Independent Market | 29 even deli/bakery clerks, because we were fnding that the certifcation stopped at the store director level," Johnson says. "Our philosophy on it was those folks are handling food — and, in many cases, potentially hazardous foods — day in and day out. We are encouraging retailers to look at doing another level of train- ing of department managers and get more certifcation-level training in their stores." Personalized Help Te National Grocers Association (NGA) also ofers several courses for online training. Te associa- tion recently retained a food safety consultant and launched a food safety task force, comprising members who have implemented strong food safety training programs in their respective stores. Te members compare best practices or any technologies they've discovered, and that information is fltered out to the membership at large either through webinars or other methods of mass communication. Te consultant is available for members who may be struggling or have questions about a food safety training program. An email domain has been established so members can send questions, which are then routed to either the consultant or industry members who can ofer guidance. Arlington-based NGA also has developed several partnerships with other organizations to help indepen- dent grocers keep the food supply safe. "Food safety is really kind of a shared responsibility with everyone in the food chain," asserts Laura Strange, senior director, communica- tions and marketing for NGA. One such collaboration is with the Part- nership for Food Safety Education, also based in Arlington, an organiza- tion that educates consumers about proper food handling. Together with NGA, the Partner- ship for Food Safety Education de- veloped bilingual brochures and fiers on several food safety topics, among them cooking temperatures, produce selection and handling, and proper cleaning techniques, that retailers can either hand out or display to encour- age customers in the proper handling of their food once it leaves the store. Food safety requires cooperation, from growers/manufacturers down to consumers, and independent grocers play an important role. "Tey're tak- ing it seriously because it could put them out of business," Strange says. "Tey are a vital part of the commu- nity, and they want to be sure to take care of their community." PGI AlwAys AvAilAble - 228RB-9-13 BIRO Manufacturing Company, Marblehead, OH 43440-2099 USA 419-798-4451 Fax 419-798-9106 Md. 346 Grinder Md. MINI-22 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. MINI-32 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. EMG-32 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. AFMG-48 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. AFMG-24 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. 548/7548 Grinder Md. AFMG-52 Auto Feed Mixer Grinder Md. 6642 Grinder

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