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Cover Story 12 | Progressive Grocer Independent | June 2016 Dash's Market Importance of Perishables Once the departments that provided the protein for customers' center of the plate were up and running, Dash and his team turned to establishing the other perishables departments. Te cheese department, for instance, has an extensive display. "We're not afraid to pile it out there, because we have confdence that we're carrying the right items at a great value, and we're going to sell it," Mahoney says. Te deli department features prosciutto from Italy and nearly every local brand of cold cuts. Te department draws a lot of attention for its unique product display. Dash's uses a high-tech slicer that calculates weight, slice increment and number of slices. Te machine is set to shingle the slices as they come out of the slicer onto a conveyor belt. Te shingled slices are then stacked perpen- dicularly in the deli case. Deli meats account for 70 percent of the depart- ment's sales. "If you look, [the deli] is where all the customers congregate," Mahoney points out. In produce, the company has introduced a farm-to-fork program in which Dash's has partnered with several local farms to bring in as much conventional and organic produce as possible. One such partnership is with an Amish farmer, and the produce manager drives about an hour to the farm twice a week to buy organic produce. He buys it one day, and it's on sale to customers the next. Organic produce is cross-merchandised with conventional items in the department, but also displayed in a dedicated or- ganic section for those customers who want only organic products. "Organics has become a big part of our business, and we see it growing," Mahoney says. "We have a plan that when needed, we'll expand the whole footprint of our produce department in our stores." In the rest of the departments, organics are popular as well, so in his plans to remodel the location on Her- tel Avenue, in Bufalo, Dash is going to add a specifc organic/ natural sec- tion next to produce, to make it even more convenient for organics-minded shoppers to fnd what they need. NEOPOLITAN-STYLE ARTISAN PIZZAS Customers flock to the thin-crust pizza with varieties like The Antique, which features garlic oil, marinated artichokes, ricotta, crisp pancetta and tomato. CARVING STATION The carving station in the prepared food department has become popular by offering freshly sliced prime rib, turkey and other cooked-on-site meats.

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