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88 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016 Rising staRs Bonita Moffett east area acting Director, Defense Commissary agency (DeCa) Moffett organized and guided the successful launch of Flonase in the stores she oversees when it became an OTC drug. When the agency's deli/ bakery operations contrac- tor suddenly ceased op- erations, she stepped in to minimize any disruption for customers, presiding over the transformation of 44 in-store deli/bakeries from outside contractor-operated to commissary-operated in just four months. Moffett created the first agency-driven Push Promo- tion Program, as a result of which incremental dollar sales surpassed any previous DeCA promotion event. Kelli Whittington Retail talent Development Manager, Delhaize america/food lion Whittington planned, coordinated, delivered and evaluated the impact of three five-week Store Manager College classes for 60 high- performing store managers and assistant store managers in two Food Lion divisions. She helped the northern division coach retail leaders in four interactive cultural change initiatives to strength- en brand awareness, equity, loyalty and customer service for 17,000-plus associates. Whittington led divi- sional talent and succession planning conversations to identify, capture and recom- mend targeted development solutions for high-performing and at-risk retail talent. angela ReynolDs- WieganD Retail services Manager, Delhaize america/ food lion Often called upon across the organization to help shape and innovate business processes, Reynolds-Wiegand and her team worked with multiple departments on a tag-sorting method that made hanging tags more ef- ficient chain-wide. She played a key role in the delivery of Food Lion's Ways to Save campaign. Reynolds-Wiegand took on the additional role of director of execution and implementa- tion, in which capacity she mentored female store manag- ers while continuing to nur- ture the talent on her team. Julie liBBy Director, Produce, Delhaize america/ hannaford Libby and her team spent significant time in the field with farmers, learning about their crops and harvesting operations. She worked with suppliers on programs that reduce food waste and transit times, and led structural and operational design work for merchandising along the East Coast. Nominated by her fellow colleagues, Libby received Hannaford's highest honor, the John J. Russell Award, named for a longtime Han- naford officer and board member who exemplified the company's values and ideals. KaRi siMs Director, Retail operations, Crossmark Sims achieved her on-top revenue goal of $1.5 million, and onboarded a dozen new clients between April and December 2015. She launched a team to audit execution and display compliance for a large bever- age brand, resulting in the program's ongoing expansion across incremental markets. To help an internal team provide competitive informa- tion to a client, Sims created a monthly implemented solution enabling the client to make pricing modifications based on store-level intelligence, for an incremental spend over budget of 87 percent. asMita PahWa senior Director, global sourcing and Product Development, Daymon Worldwide To integrate Daymon's import acquisition, Pahwa built a hub and spoke-sourced infrastructure across the company's offices in various regions, changing the way it sources products. She and her team spear- headed the creation of a virtual showroom that allowed Daymon to showcase its seasonal catalogs and product assortments, addressing the need for differentiation and speed to market. Her development of an on-trend portfolio of seasonal general merchandise products helped grow the company's customer base internationally. MiChelle Riley Director, global innovation strategy, Daymon Worldwide Riley created and managed Daymon's first company-wide innovation event platform, working with the supplier, consumer insight and infor- mation technology teams to drive inspiration and innova- tion efforts. She drove the creation and development of Daymon's first program "kits" for retailer partners, offering 20 to 40 supplier-sourced, trend-led products to inspire and fa- cilitate innovation in an easy, turnkey fashion. Riley led the development of an internal innovation process connecting retail part- ner innovation requests with Daymon's supplier network to drive efficiency and sales. shaRon CasKey Commissary Contract Manager, Defense Commissary agency (DeCa) Voted by her peers to the position of customer service ambassador, she held monthly meetings with a rotating audience from each store department to brainstorm cus- tomer service ideas or voice concerns. Caskey presented to upper management a 10-minute Fill the Floor Frenzy initiative in which all available employees go out onto the sales floor to the front aisles to assist customers. She greatly reduced waste by coming up with in-store merchandising initiatives using what's in abundance in the warehouse.

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