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82 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016 Rising staRs CaRol RobeRts Community Relations and Partnership Marketing Manager, albertsons Cos./ tom thumb Roberts was the catalyst for Albertsons and Tom Thumb banners in Dallas-Fort Worth donating more than $1 million in food to local communities during the holidays to help feed those in need. She initiated a disaster relief program following several post-Christmas torna- dos in north Texas, getting donation-laden trucks on the road within 12 hours of the disaster. Roberts fostered great working relationships with lo- cal media providers, including TV and radio, to help broaden the banner's media exposure and enhance its public image. taMMy stoCk Division Front end Customer service Manager, albertsons Cos./Jewel-osco Stock raised Jewel-Osco's average customer service score to 85.2 from 73.0, increased speed of checkout, and upped the number of items per bag to 4.0 from 2.5. She spearheaded the smooth implementation of Chicago's ordinance banning plastic bags, subsequently reducing bag expense and landfill waste. Stock led initiatives that ensured that Jewel-Osco sold millions of dollars worth of gift cards during a 10-day period before Christmas with no out-of-stocks, and provided supplemental financial train- ing for every cashier in the division. Roni thaRP bakery sales Manager-southern California Division, albertsons Cos. Tharp effectively devel- oped team talent, providing direction and assignments to build bench strength; dur- ing the Albertsons-Safeway merger, she helped many other division sales managers with planning, development and implementation across the board. She nurtured strong rela- tionships with suppliers and was a formidable negotiator, capturing best-quality product solutions while controlling cost of goods. Tharp's strategic planning skills enabled her to lead the development of premium mer- chandising product portfolio solutions with innovative products. JenniFeR VaillanCouRt Director, Finance, albertsons Co./shaw's and star Market Vaillancourt was responsi- ble for the multimillion-dollar budgeting and forecasting process for 154 stores in this division. She developed an extensive profit-and-loss training pro- gram — the first of its kind for the company — to explain income statement financial reporting, from sales and gross profit to operating expenses and net earnings. Vaillancourt personally presented the above program to all store directors and op- erations specialists, and began streamlining the presentation to teach operations special- ists to train store department heads. JenniFeR JesseR Director, strategic initiatives, albertsons Cos. Jesser led the item and vendor integration effort for Albertsons' merger with Safe- way, and directed both the strategic approach and day-to- day management of all item, vendor, pricing and promo conversion activities. She and her team also have supported other substantial initiatives within the company. Her incredible system knowledge, customer focus and ability to deliver results were instrumental in helping the company achieve its ag- gressive goals. Jesser received numerous high-profile company awards and volunteered her time in aid of breast cancer research, education and hunger relief. kiM kilCoyne Floral sales Manager, albertsons Cos./ Jewel-osco Kilcoyne transformed Jewel-Osco's floral depart- ments into Chicago's top flo- rist by developing new ideas and redeveloping stagnant programs, thus growing sales and profit. She developed a user-friendly order guide that automatically calculates store orders so managers are aware of weekly order counts. She instituted regular ses- sions to give floral managers hands-on training and trendy ideas to help set Jewel-Osco apart from the competition. Responsible for bringing the Debi Lilly home decor line to Jewel-Osco, Kilcoyne is highly regarded by management and associates for her vision, knowledge and leadership. Dawn MaCk Director, Digital Customer engagement, albertsons Cos. Mack led consolidation of the Albertsons-Safeway digital landscape to provide a seam- less digital customer journey across all channels, overseeing implementation of strategic digital customer engagement for all divisions and banners of the company. She leveraged vendors to work together across all platforms and managed the deployment of more than a dozen key digital initiatives. Mack contributed to the strategic oversight and direc- tion provided for multiple new initiatives that broguht rel- evancy to Albertsons custom- ers on their path to purchase, including a partnership with MyWebGrocer. holly MooRehouse human Resources Manager, Districts 1 and 2, albertsons Cos./Jewel-osco Moorehouse spearheaded the hiring of key mashgiachs (supervisors) for kosher stores to drive customer loyalty and brand sustainability within a key market area. She was critical in the hir- ing of 200 associates after co- ordinating six job fairs within two districts, and worked with 18 trainees who are currently department managers across 40 stores. Moorehouse is recognized for her insight and ability to quickly analyze a situation and make decisions that are operationally savvy, such as sharing talent with other districts.

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