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JUN 2016

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To raise awareness of such careers, supermarkets can also approach high school guidance counselors, especially at schools that have culinary programs, Hofmann says. When looking for chefs with experience, grocerants should advertise on Internet job boards—both culi- nary-specifc websites and comprehensive career websites that have a robust culinary presence, she says. Recruiters also need to take advantage of social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Hofmann emphasizes. "Tere is so much going on there, with employers posting jobs and candidates posting their resumes," she says. "You need to use all of those channels to get the word out." Hofmann advises grocerants to search LinkedIn for "passive candidates"—those who are not currently look- ing for a job but who have the desired qualities. "You may be able to attract them with the benefts and opportuni- ties at your organization," she says. "If nothing else, you start to create some relationships." What's more, supermarket chains should embrace employee referral programs, Hofmann says. "If one of your managers or chefs refers someone who is qualifed, do they receive a bonus?" she asks. "People like to work with individuals they know and feel comfortable with, so referral programs can be highly efective." G Booth # 2533 What's on Trend Just Made Taste Sensible Choices Authentic Recipes at... ¨ ¨ Even top-notch chefs hired from the restaurant and hospi- tality feld will require training, because they may know a lot about their profession but very little about their new retail employer. Chef Charlie Baggs, chief executive chef of Char- lie Baggs Culinary Innovations, points to Disney World as an exemplary model. "Before employees start working at Disney World, they go through extensive training so that they know everything about the company—how it originated, what the mission statement is, and so forth," he says. "This sets employees up for success." Ongoing training, moreover, should be more than occa- sional workshops, says Janet A. Hofmann, president of HR Aligned Design. "There are two things you can do well internally, and that's ofer people diferent types of experiences and exposures," she says. "Maybe culinary staf can travel to diferent stores in your organization to experience working with diferent executive chefs. Or maybe there is an opportunity for chefs to work on cross-functional teams to learn more about the grocery business." Training to retain

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