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17 SOLUTIONS JUNE 2016 "Te longer you stay [in a grocerant area], you may say something like, 'I think I'll go get a cupcake,'" agrees Mehmert. "So it also opens things up in terms of sales because people stick around longer and buy more." Just as a grocerant's products can elevate the supermarket from a food and beverage standpoint, the physical space can do much to boost a store's reputation among con- sumers. "When it comes to design/d├ęcor, grocerant areas have become a platform to edify the value of the store's brand with an interactive, participatory look and feel," says Steven Johnson, consultant and owner of Foodservice Solutions in Tacoma, Wash. "Depending on the retail outlet, it includes display kitch- ens, custom-made salad stations, personalized made-to- order pizza and local craf microbrewed beer on tap with a growler station. Each elevates consumer interactive [experiences], freshness and sustainability in the mind's eye of the consumer," he says. Suppliers and designers who provide services and prod- ucts to grocerants say that because this retail segment is newer, they're seeing a dynamism and openness to what can be achieved through interior design. "Yes, it can be very exciting. Many of them are venturing in a new area to transform the customer experience and their bottom line as well," says Jerri Trafet, retail market- ing manager for Boston-based Current, powered by GE. Lighten up However and wherever a grocerant is located within a store, it's important to physically highlight the diference between that space and other merchandising areas, say experts. "Many stores want [the grocerant area] to feel separated out, so you can see there is a transition from the general grocery store," says Mehmert. One way to accomplish that distinction is through light- ing. "Te general store has linear light, while areas with grocerants can have a layering and lowering of It's important to physically highlight the diference between the grocerant space and other merchandising areas, say experts. Metcalfe's Market in suburban Milwaukee displays local students' artwork for a personal touch.

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