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Retail foodservice can deliver. Retail foodservice is positioned to deliver the experience families want that fast food doesn't satisfy and busy schedules may not otherwise allow. Yet it typically doesn't register high in shoppers' mindsets as a meal consideration because of consistently growing dissatisfaction with product quality, wait time, out-of-stocks, staffing issues and other department failures. According to Christopher Brace, founder and CEO, Syntegrate Consulting – "While the emotional truths that we uncovered in the research can go a long way to driving incremental business for grocery prepared foods, the fundamental issues that need to be solved are the ones that are operational. No amount of emotional connection is going to overcome those." Tyson Foods' 2016 Consequences of Failure study also revealed that only 44% of those who had experienced a problem agreed they were likely to purchase prepared chicken products from their grocers' prepared foods section again, as compared to those who did not experience a problem (62%). Eric LeBlanc, director of marketing for deli and bakery at Tyson Foods, Inc. suggests— "Retail foodservice is perfectly positioned to bring the family meal back in fashion – but we have work to do to get there. Simply put, retail foodservice must overcome some of its own functional shortcomings for shoppers to consider grocery deli as a realistic option to get them back to the table." 48% 41% Failure on the Rise 2,3 Shoppers reporting at least one incident of failure in the prepared foods area: 2015 2016 1 2 3 Greatest Opportunity for Retail Foodservice 1 : Communicate: Reach out to your customers where they make their mealtime decisions: outside of the store. Facilitate: Use bundles to make it easier for shoppers to make a meal. Deliver: Prepare and hold products that will meet shoppers' quality expectations. ®/© 2016 Tyson Foods, Inc. Sources: 1 Tyson Foods, Emotional Trigger Research Study, April 2016 2 Tyson Foods, Consequences of Failure, 2015 3 Tyson Foods, Consequences of Failure, 2016

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