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Technology Point-of-sale Systems Holdup at Checkout Red tape impedes grocers' EMV card implementation — with consumer data at risk. By John Karolefski P oint-of-sale (POS) systems in gro- cery stores were supposed to be able to accept Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) credit cards for payment at checkout beginning Oct.1, 2015. Te transition from magnetic- stripe cards to EMV cards with an embedded chip designed to protect consumer data looked like a good thing because of benefts to shoppers and grocers. Unfortunately, shoppers in many supermarkets still can't use EMV cards at checkout terminals. Te main reason for this, according to experts, has less to do with grocers not having upgraded their POS terminals than with the bureaucracy surrounding the card networks. "Te fact that grocery stores have not imple- mented EMV is not necessarily due to their lack of readiness. In fact, a majority of the retailers that ECRS works with are ready — and have been for some time," asserts Ray Steele, executive director of services at ECRS, a Boone, N.C.-based provider of solutions for retail enterprise automation. Unlike in the past, according to Steele, the POS software, PIN pad manufacturers, and authorization providers must be certifed as a complete working so- lution by each card type. For the payment-processing network to function, no one player can unilaterally implement a change, even if all are individually ready. "It is the coordinated whole that matters," he explains, "and that coordination is not simple at all. 178 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016

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