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166 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016 Produce Fresh Food asserts Mosco, who adds that Polymer also ofers a waterfall wood grain merchandiser for end caps, to complement the natural- looking RPCs. IFCO North America is also supplying Walmart with wood grain RPCs, and while the style is new, the solution is established. "[RPCs] were and remain an innovative solu- tion that replaced a variety of packaging options a generation ago," notes Daniel Walsh, president of Tampa, Fla.-based IFCO. "Tey are more efcient, cost-efective, sustain- able and protect food better than one-way packag- ing," he continues. "Tey also allow for greater air circulation around the product, helping to maintain its freshness. All of these factors [enable] retail- ers and growers to provide consumers with a wide variety of quality fresh produce year-round." Sustainability also plays an important role in conveying a farm-fresh message. "Tere is a sharp focus on several key factors right now: efciency, cost savings, product quality and sustainability," says Walsh. "Recent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) research shows RPCs are more sustainable in ev- ery LCA category than cardboard boxes for fresh produce packaging." On the food safety front, IFCO recently de- veloped and installed proprietary SmartGuardian monitoring technology in all six of its U.S. RPC service centers. SmartGuardian software monitors and controls IFCO's RPC cleaning and sanitation process so that it meets strict company and industry standards. "In today's complex and global supply chain," as- serts Walsh, "remaining vigilant and maintaining a commitment to continual improvement is important to ensure we provide the safest possible food." PG [RPCs] were and remain an innovative solution that replaced a variety of packaging options a generation ago." —Daniel Walsh, IFCO North America

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