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DUCK Consumers looking for easy gourmet options will love Maple Leaf Farms Duck Leg Conft, which yields restaurant-quality meals at home in minutes. Heat and serve our lightly seasoned, tender duck legs or shred to use on sandwiches, salads or pasta. B E D I S T I N C T W I T H Retailers contact your sales representative for more information, or call 800-348-2812 to request a sample. Bruce Horovitz, a freelance writer and marketing consultant, is a former USA Today marketing reporter and Los Angeles Times mar- keting columnist. He can be reached at [email protected] asked what deli products were being cross-merchandised in other parts of the store to drum up more deli business, one executive surveyed by PG bluntly said he didn't need to so: "We are bad at this because the deli is already too darn busy." Tat's the proverbial deli dilemma. PG Source: Progressive Grocer Market Research, 2016 current Year Year ago recruiting effective emploYees 8.00 7.76 attracting more shoppers to Deli 7.54 6.43 emploYee training 7.38 7.26 profits 7.17 6.29 labor costs 7.12 6.79 customer satisfaction 7.00 5.42 fooD safetY 6.61 6.03 proDuct anD/or ingreDient costs 6.59 6.35 equipment costs 6.55 5.94 sanitation 6.48 5.29 shrink/Waste 6.31 6.00 other supermarket competition 6.06 6.10 proDuct qualitY levels 6.04 4.59 local/national economic conDitions 5.79 6.58 nonsupermarket competition 5.28 5.49 problems facing the Deli Deparment Rated on a scale of 1-10, where 10=extremely serious

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