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156 | Progressive Grocer | Ahead of What's Next | June 2016 2016 Retail Deli Review healthy, according to the Madison, Wis.-based trade group. Tat could mean a future sales boost for deli products that claim to be clean, natural, organic or locally sourced, the IDDBA report notes. At Harding's Friendly Market, for example, Millen- nials are increasingly requesting GMO-free products, says Miller. What's more, he adds, "Tey like to see the labels on everything." Similarly, while many of the older customers at Ridley's Family Market pick the same selections of meat and cheese every time they visit the deli counter, many younger custom- ers, those ages 25 to 35, are experimenting more with their selections, notes Johnson. But even then, they want to see the ingredients. "Tey want to know what they're eating," he says. But what are the most efective ways of getting all customers — not just Millennials — to order new oferings from the deli section? Something Special First and foremost: engaged workers, the PG survey found. But a close second is product sampling, according to nearly 65 percent of those surveyed. Tat explains why product sampling is a big draw at both Harding's and Ridley's. Both grocers say they sample deli products regularly. Among Ridley's more popular recent sam- plings were lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine and pot pies, according to Johnson. Further, something else has boosted business at Ridley's: daily specials. Te market ofers all kinds of lunch and dinner specials, says John- son. Tese daily specials started out slow, he recounts, but sales immediately picked up "once we sampled and got it into their mouths." Multiple Responses Accepted Source: Progressive Grocer Market Research, 2016 Which of the folloWing do you consider to be most influential to securing strong everyday deli department sales? current year ago engaged associates 84.8% 86.7% product samples 64.6 47.9 signature items 41.8 45.9 in-store specials 40.5 28.4 active sampling/events 34.2 37.8 premium brands 32.9 27.5 pos coupons/discounts 31.6 10.5 merchandising/experience 29.1 n/a advertising/promotions 27.8 24.4 increased on-ad specials 24.1 4.1 social media special offers 15.2 13.0 cross-promotions 11.4 21.8 extended hours of operation 10.1 0.0 incentive-based discounts 8.9 4.6 executive chef 5.1 n/a Multiple Responses Accepted Source: Progressive Grocer Market Research, 2016 What areas of your deli operations Will you concentrate on enhancing during 2016? current year ago sandWiches 60.3% 62.2% lunch 47.4 27.2 private label 35.9 19.0 premium brands 33.3 34.6 soup stations 32.1 19.2 hot/cold bars 26.9 33.9 daily specials 24.4 40.5 dinner 24.4 32.9 rotisserie programs 23.1 52.0 breakfast 23.1 17.5 meal deals (bundled meals) 20.5 46.1 catering 20.5 37.6 staff training 19.2 51.7 side dishes 14.1 25.3 concept food stations (i.e., asian kitchen, pasta, carving station) 11.5 14.2 antipasto bars 11.5 13.7 sushi 9.0 16.9 category management 7.7 19.0 beverage bars 6.4 3.3

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