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Fast-forward to supermarket deli sections across the nation in 2016, and there's a common thread: While sales are hot, everyone's pretty much ordering the same thing — potato salad, macaroni salad and roasted chicken — and, in the process, keeping a lid on the potential growth that many supermarket deli managers envision. The Basics and Beyond "We try diferent things, but the basics always sell best," says Barry Johnson, store director at Ridley's Family Mar- ket, in Orem, Utah. "It seems like 90 percent of what you sell is potato salad and chicken." Dale Miller, store manager at Harding's Friendly Market, Deli SaleS Change 2014-2015 expeCteD Deli Same-Store SaleS Change total 2016 63.4% 66.6% 29.3% 30.9% 7.3% 2.5% Source: Progressive Grocer Market Research, 2016 Increased Decreased Stayed the Same Increase Decrease Stay the Same 3.8% net Change 4.2% net Change 2016 Retail Deli Review THE POWER OF TWO: Two Great Flavors in One Pie! Popular Pairings • Two Terrifc Combinations: Boston Cream (Vanilla & Chocolate) Strawberries & Cream • High-quality ingredients with real chocolate, vanilla and fruit fllings D U O S Our Snack Pies are available nationwide… Get yourself a piece!

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